If the Neutral in the sickness fund in Flanders, it is connected to, a domestic help, has, through service vouchers, you can soon be up to $ 100 reimbursed. The fund intends to use the work-life-balance of the young parents ‘ support, but also living at home to senior.

Just as the government of “service vouchers” system is more expensive is going to make it, is Neutral in the health insurance fund Flanders, € per service voucher one of the most. Up to $ 100 per year up to € 25 per quarter if you are a domestic help of The Poetsbureau in the home. “As a mutual insurance fund to general well-being of our customers. We have seen how our society has struggled with the busy-busy-busy, and, eventually, a burn-outs. We want to be there for a bit in the address and it is much easier for domestic help to decrease”, said Wim Van Hecke, CEO of the NZVL.

The fund is aimed specifically at two groups: young parents who could use some help, and the elderly, independently living at home. “For the seniors, it is a household just about the first thing, in the long term, difficult to. By domestic help, to encourage, they can be for a longer time at home with their parents. On the other hand, there are young parents who are busy full-time job to combine with family life. If the household leaves for a better balance.”
More about the service vouchers service vouchers become more popular than ever, and More fraud in the service-voucher revealed This will all change as of march 1, for your service vouchers, energy bill, building, and commuting to and from work a Woman from Kortrijk, you risk a heavy fine for tampering with the service vouchers