Zlatan Ibrahimovic as well as many of the great heroes and a statue is allowed to reveal his own image. The statue can be found in sweden’s Malmö, sweden, where Zlatan grew up. It was also pointed out by the local police.

The striker is already celebrating with his hands up in the air is shown. “The statue is a symbol of all that is possible, it will be inspiring to everyone,” said the poet.

“Some of the players to get the trophies, people statues, and some of both of them. I’m very proud of it. It shows me that I’ve been able to accomplish what no one else could”, he said, in his well-known style. “This is the greatest thing one can receive, especially if it’s in your own city or town is placed. If you have to go to New York, then you’ve got the Statue of liberty. If you go to Sweden, then you’ve got the statue of Zlatan.”

The head of the LA Galaxy took time for some selfies. (Photo: AFP)

you can see The statue of the LA Galaxy striker, who, in the past, including Barcelona, Manchester United, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain and Inter Milan was a state in the heart of Malmö, sweden. The bronze statue is a 2.7 meter long and weighing 500 kg. The award allowed Ibrahimovic to know that he is going to play football for as long as he’s healthy. “I don’t see a lot of others, the 38-year-old players are doing what I am doing and for the time being I feel like I am still the top.

But The would The not be the case if he was the icing on the cake was doing. The midfielder called on Twitter for all the young people of Malmö to free the showdown to come. Only that the event took place in the late afternoon. The children were allowed to of The so the afternoon is free to take from the school, she said.

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The local police department even took the time to respond to the call-up of the greatest Swedish football player of all time. “ Ibrahimovic did not have the authority to make such a measure, so the call didn’t take it seriously it should be taken, in the sound of the string.

The lures are everywhere people, and especially in his home town. (Photo: AFP)