Souvenirs against the Corona-Blues – The happy holidays you can stay in order to travel to the Amalfi coast, the island of Sylt, or in Brittany for weeks is unthinkable. Comfort Craftsmanship of the favorite destination offers.Brigitte Jurczyk0 KommentareDie German North sea island of Sylt, and your beach chairs are currently very, very far.Photo: Ferdinand Graf von Luckner

The borders to the neighboring countries for the majority of people densely. Thank God for the international goods traffic to work. As a reminder, or an optimistic taste of what you can get from the fabrication operation in the vicinity of the sea typical Souvenirs deliver. Three hand-crafted recommendations from Germany, Italy and France.

Sylter Beach chair for the home Of the workshop Trautmann on the island of Sylt can have the beach basket-Fans of the North sea feel to your home.Photo: Ferdinand Graf von Luckner

When the sky is blue Opel Blitz, built in 1950, is buzzing on the streets of Sylt, know Insiders: The trust’s supply beach chairs. Of course, you don’t ride the hand-woven sun seats only to the beaches and terraces of the North sea island, the good pieces go by ship and truck to customers all over the world. Right now, as the northernmost German island for tourists remains locked, to convey the original from the Trautmann-workshop Sylt Fans memory of the North sea-blown holiday happiness. “We are, in fact, already a number of callers have reported, the travel, otherwise, regularly to the island of Sylt,” says Benjamin Trautmann, head in addition to father and sister, the family of Sylt-beach chairs operating in Rantum. “Some treat the two-seater as a replacement for the holidays.”

500 Meter plastic bands are intertwined, for each of the Wind – and sun protection. The PVC Material has replaced the rattan cane, from the early the beach chairs were made. Including the carpentry work, the preparation of the German coasts, so typical of the sun seat will take about eight to ten hours. “Sometimes we fulfill the wishes of customers, extra”, betrayed the trust’s and tell of the warmth of the heaters in the seat or built-in speakers, filled with Seagulls and the North sea-noise – for-the-true holiday feeling, you can get to his home.

ceramics with the colors of the Amalfi coast holiday Souvenirs of the Italian Amalfi coast, to Order: plate of the ceramics factory, Ceramica Artistica.Photo: Brigitte Jurczyk

Giovanna Solimene says sadly: “The production is only set once. We have sent to the ceramist as a precaution, to get home.” A big blow for the spoiled by success and manufactory Ceramica Artistica Solimene, on the Italian Amalfi coast, one of the most beautiful regions of the world. If it were not for the Virus, would be the stretch of coast South of the Gulf of Naples, is now an absolute holiday hotspot.
Many tourists would go to the town of Vietri sul Mare. The old ceramic tradition is the reason – and to design an architecture icon: Vincenzo Solimene, Giovannas father, commissioned in 1951 by the Italian architect Paolo Soleri, a house for his workshop. The ceramic-clad building draws until today, Fans of, particularly in America, well-known architects. Vases and plates, cups and bowls, jugs, and figures, which are molded into the Cathedral-like Interior and painted by Hand, enjoy a similar cult status. You are a catch in cheerful colours and Patterns, a cheerful attitude to life that was in Front of Corona-times on the Amalfi coast home.

Ceramica Artistica Solimene is today still a family business: The four sons of the house, take care of the tile manufacture. Together with her three sisters, Giovanna Solimene takes care of the table is ceramic. The stacks on the stock on shelves in the workshop, and is
– break-proof Packed and with a greeting of the Amalfi coast, sent produced.

In the stripe T-Shirt from Brittany’s dream three-quarter sleeves, an anchor, and quite a lot of strip: T-Shirt, the Breton company Armor Lux.Photo: PD

Hardly anything is as much for Brittany as the Ringel-T-Shirt. It is currently en vogue again. Style icon Coco Chanel made it acceptable, and a Swiss made it world famous: Walter Hubacher founded in 1938 in Quimper, the company Armor Lux, a manufactory for underwear in which specialized on the production of “La Marinière”. The Shirt with the characteristic 21 blue stripes, three-quarter sleeves and boat neckline were wearing earlier, only the Sailors of the Navy and the fishermen on the coast. You went overboard, you should be able to see better in the water and save.

The strip-T-Shirts from Armor Lux, are still made in the pretty town of Quimper, are Breton through and through. “Even the fabric is knitted, the models are Hand-cut and sewn,” says sales chief Marco Petrucci.

Today, the T-Shirt for a relaxed beach holiday, the appear to be currently inaccessible is. You can, of course, old films with Brigitte Bardot or Audrey Hepburn sick and tired of wearing the sailor shirt provocatively sexy , or you can leave it in the domestic wardrobe supply.

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