Never before has the citizen had such a great fear of the rising cost of housing to the social case. According to a survey by the Institute ISPOS on behalf of the German Caritas Association for four out of five respondents in the high Rent is a “significant risk”, in the poverty to drift away. In view of the sensitivity of the issue, it is not surprising that the policy has become noisy. Highlight of the residential summit at the Federal Chancellery on 21. September 2018, the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, in addition to representatives of the coalition parties, the heads of government of the countries had.

Unexpected facts

That on the subject of the facts of Living and sometimes are twisted, ugly, but not unrelevanter next aspect of the discussion. Because in reality, residential real estate in Germany are not as prohibitive as sometimes shown. To this finding, a study by the consulting company Deloitte. Accordingly, the purchase prices for new apartments in the past year increased with a plus of 9.6 percent more than elsewhere in Europe. However, taking into account the income of the consumer, the picture is put into perspective. The German Otto needs to purchase the normal consumer, according to the calculations of Deloitte in the average five-year gross income of the victims, a 70-square-metre Standard condominium. In the Czech Republic are needed for the same purpose more than eleven gross annual income. Also the French and the British are jealous of look to Germany. You will need to spend for a 70-square meter condo in a cut of eight or ten gross annual salaries. PDF What is hardly a tenant knows… Our PDF-guide to inform you about your rights and obligations as a tenant and explains to brake the Rental price.To the PDF guide

285.000 new homes in 2017

it is Also claimed, often, that in Germany there is a shortage of housing, or to a few apartments to be built. This is also not quite right. The fact is that the number of apartments is increasing in this country for years. As Deloitte has also identified, in Germany last year to 285,000 new homes completed. This corresponds to a new rate of 3.4 units per 1,000 inhabitants. Thus, Germany is above the European average of 3.2. Even with the current housing situation, it looks better than expected. According to the Federal statistical office, in this country there is a stock of 42 million homes. That means for every 1,000 inhabitants of 507 dwellings come on the average. In many other European countries, the situation is partly much worse than that. In Austria, for example, 441 of the units, only 1,000 inhabitants.

Where the Problem actually lies in

Germany’s real Problem is not the lack of housing, but rather its uneven distribution. While beyond the Metropolitan areas, many apartments are empty, in the booming Metropolitan regions like Munich, Hamburg or Frankfurt a frightening scarcity. Here tenants in the past had to accept a drastic rent increases. Also, the purchase prices literally shot like a bullet. Who wants to buy, for example, in the Bavarian capital an apartment, had to shell out for that in the past year, an average of 7,500 euros per square meter. Only in the inner city area of London (16.512 Euro), and Paris (10.697 euros) residential property in Europe even more expensive. The real estate market of houses and apartments in FOCUS classifieds

ways out of the Dilemma

In the coveted Metropolitan regions lack the simple to the land, the Deloitte experts in their investigation. In addition, government regulations would drive the cost of construction upwards. How to cope with this abuse? In order to satisfy the growing need for affordable, functional and flexible living space in Germany’s big cities, ask the Deloitte advisors for common solutions of politics, society, and the real estate industry. One possibility is, for example, a serial Build, with smaller and smart scheduled premises.

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