The group denied the report: rail wants to continue to sell Tickets at the vending machines


    The Deutsche Bahn has rejected a newspaper report that you want to give up until 2023, the sale of tickets for long-distance traffic on their own machines completely, in order to save costs. “There are neither resolutions nor concrete plans at DB, the sales of long-distance transport tickets at the vending machines until 2023 to give up,” said the state-owned companies on Monday.

    the ticket purchase through vending machines and travel centres will be possible in the future. Although projections showed that the proportion of the vending machines purchases will go back for long-distance transport tickets in the next five years to a low single-digit value. “A clear claim to the DB, however, is to allow in the future to the customer on all of the demand, distribution channels and the ticket purchase.”

    70 percent of the Tickets are already digital

    ” had reported, citing the internal documents of the railway that the group intends to set up the sale of tickets at the vending machines by 2023. The digital ticket should sales continue to be massively expanded. The project was part of the “Agenda for a better railway” rail-boss, Richard Lutz. For the group of the digital direct sales via the App and the Central web portal more profitable is the system of sale through vending machines, which were in many of the 5500 stations, and not infrequently defective. In the long-distance transport, the relatively high cost of the devices should be saved so in the future.