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the president of the Xunta in functions, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has announced after the weekly meeting of the Board, at a press conference, the decision to end the reserved information upon, opened by the trip of the CF Fuenlabrada on the 20th of July at Corunna, and to start a “ disciplinary proceeding against the Professional Football League and the Fuenlabrada for the serious breach of protocols sanitairos of public health”.

A week after the start of the cited research, is now available sufficient information about what happened, he explained, Feijóo, who has stated that we are to ” serious crimes, and from the point of view of public health, is very grave “, after having traveled the club of madrid to La Coruña two days after appearing positive covid-19 within the institution of sport. There was a “systematic failure to comply with the protocols” in both sports and health, which was “a very difficult situation for the hotel” where he remains confined to the issuance of Fuenlabrada, and “a clear risk to the public health and a social alarm” that affects the credibility of Galicia as a brand sure.

The instructor of the proprietary information, as explained Feijóo, “estimates from the initiation of a sanctioning procedure”, given the “serious breach of health protocols,” he insisted. The instructor appreciates “ insufficient evidence “to open the sanctioning procedure, which affects both the football League as the club fuenlabreño, because it understands that” there is a double responsibility ” in what happened.

Feijóo respects the presumption of innocence, but “in the opinion of the instructor, it is clear that there is an indication of serious responsibility , both for the club and for the League.” The forecast is that the start of the sanctioning procedure to be notified in the next few days. From there you would open up the period of allegations. In any case, on the part of the Government remains closed the investigation and to pass to the next level, the application of sanctions.

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