Each year, in Flanders, about 40 traditional cameras will be replaced by a section control. It is in the distance, and the speed limit checked. “Controls are just a lot more effective in the battle against excessive speed.”

Motorists can get used to it, but better in the years to come, in Flanders, one of check-in, the other to hell. At an average speed check area check points at the beginning and at the end of the route and how fast you can drive by. It happened faster than allowed, the fine to be reduced.

The Agency for Roads and Traffic will confirm it – in addition to the existing controls approximately 40 traditional speed cameras along highways and regional roads will be replaced by the on the spot check is to install it.

Photo: Dirk Vertommen

“in Concrete terms, we will, each year, some 40 classic camera’s listing, after which the men on the spot, and see if at that place for a check to be installed,” says the spokesperson for Veva Daniels. “It appears that it is technically possible to do it, there is a spot that is also effective as a check, and for a distance of at least 500 feet.”

The final decision will depend on a number of technical issues, but also, among other things, the number of road intersections or highway entrances and exits, and that’s a deliberate way of counting. Daniels: “We want to make as much as possible, avoid drivers who are later on in the intended path insert, and therefore does not go beyond the first measuring point in the car – no, the check should be attracting, as opposed to all the other drivers on that route.”

the Camera not be written off:

The Agency for Roads and Traffic, makes it clear that the traditional camera will not be completely written off: “At a dangerous crossroads, for example, we continue to be the camera to use for drivers caught by red-light running.”

In Flanders are currently 48 controls along highways and regional roads, effectively, operational, according to the figures of the former Flemish mobiliteitsminister, Ben Weyts (N-VA).

There are, in addition, a further 62 in the controls been properly installed. However, these are not yet operational due to a series of technical problems, and in the absence of the federal police force of the connectors in order for the data to be processed. The various governments are concerned that these problems are at the end of this year is finally on the road.

the Controls appear to be in conflict with the many deaths in England“, is much more efficient than traditional speed cameras, which are only on the spot, and take the foot off the accelerator it goes”, and thus the importance of Weyts, the past few years.

the Study of the veiligheidsinstituut Vias shows that it is not only the vehicle speed goes down, but the number of accidents involving deaths or injuries by half.
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