At the end of the winter lock – Gotthard pass from Wednesday offenDie winter lockout ends in time for the ascension weekend. 20. May from 11 am, the road can be navigated via the Gotthard again. 11 Kommentare11Wird on Wednesday, The historic Tremola pass road released: on the Gotthard pass. Keystone/Ti-Press/Alessandro Crinari

For the Gotthard pass ends in the winter when it is closed as planned on Wednesday. The road connection will be 20. May 11 at released, shared with the building Department in Uri on Tuesday. Thus, the 2108-metre-high Pass between Uri and Ticino can be driven on the driveway.

The Gotthard pass is the third Urner Alps pass, which will open this spring. In 2019, the connection was only at 7. June, on the Whitsun week-end was taken.

Already ü open the URI passes, the Klausen pass (1948 m. M.) and the Oberalppass (2044 m above sea level. M.). The susten pass (2224 m above sea level. M.) ü up to susten brüggli, the Furka pass (2431 m. M.) deep Creek navigable. Quite frankly, the Furka pass is expected at the latest on 10. June. The susten pass is expected to be 26. June to be passable.


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