Woo Films and Colectivo Colmena Partner for Three-Pic Deal: A New Era for Mexican Cinema

Woo Films, a leading indie production company in Mexico known for successful titles like “The House of Flowers” and “The Good Girls,” has joined forces with film collective Colectivo Colmena to develop and produce three new films. This groundbreaking partnership signifies a major shift in the Mexican film industry, aiming to support emerging voices and tell unique and relevant stories.

Colectivo Colmena, founded by a group of independent filmmakers, has a track record of creating thought-provoking films that address pressing issues in Mexican society. Their collaboration with Woo Films marks a significant milestone as they celebrate their 10th anniversary, allowing them to continue pushing boundaries and creating impactful cinema in a challenging landscape.

The first project, “Karate Kiss,” explores youth narratives and the transformative power of love between two young girls studying Karate. This film aims to celebrate diverse relationships between women and showcase the strength of female bonds.

The second film, “B95-11,” delves into the darker side of science as a scientist in the Valley of Mexico breeds a rare axolotl for its healing properties. However, her creation leads to unexpected consequences, sparking a mysterious disease outbreak. This project promises to be a gripping exploration of ethics and scientific discovery.

The third project remains untitled but is set to adapt a book that delves into themes of emotional loss and personal struggles. With a fragmented narrative and innovative visual techniques, this film is poised to offer a unique cinematic experience that challenges traditional storytelling.

Overall, the collaboration between Woo Films and Colectivo Colmena marks a new era for Mexican cinema, highlighting the importance of supporting independent voices and fostering creativity in a rapidly evolving industry. This three-pic deal is set to redefine storytelling in Mexico and captivate audiences worldwide with its bold and visionary approach to filmmaking.