Winterthur choice summer – The GLP sends a woman to the city Council run nThe green-liberal certain day, Katrin Cometta, the FDP wants to make the seat in the Winterthur city Council in dispute.Marisa Eggli3 Kommentare3Katrin Cometta (45) wants to conquer for the GLP at the end of August the first seat in the Winterthur city Council.Photo: PD

it comes from Bern, has lived for 13 years in Winterthur and wants to be a councillor in August: GLP-certain day, Katrin Cometta (45), a state scientist and long-standing former member of the municipal Council of Winterthur.

The Winterthur GLP has nominated Cometta on Tuesday night as a candidate. In the narrower choice for President, Urs Glättli, according to Co-three viable persons. “With Cometta, we can present you with the best green-liberal candidate,” he says. It had a broad political performance, as well as professional and personal leadership and life experience.

Cometta has included a senior role at the social institution Läbesruum, the unemployed, professionally and socially. She is married and has two children.

The green liberals want to Cometta on 23. August the headquarters of the FDP conquer. This is because the liberal police Department Barbara Günthard-back occurs Maier. She has accepted a position at the Department of foreign Affairs.

FDP-police matron Barbara Günthard-Maier leaves the city Council in the autumn, therefore, new elections are held.Photo: PD

The FDP has prepared for the succession of Günthard-Maier already has a candidate who brings many years of political experience, and in Winterthur is well connected. It is the local Council and business lawyer Urs Hofer (40) with a private firm in the city. He is married and has a child.

the municipal Council, Urs Hofer wants to move in for the FDP in the city government.Photo: PD

Who has in the race for the Council seat in the better of the chances, it will show in the next few days. Then the other parties decide whom to support. For the chances of winning the GLP is likely to be essential, if you can rally the SP and the Green behind. For the FDP would be important to be able to support the SVP count.

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