The German by Stephanie Stuber missed it, this week its entry into the German version of “The Voice,” not at all. In the so-called ‘blind auditions’ was not a typical song, turning on her zangprestatie in the paint work. No, Stephanie, was in and out of it and started to have a hard metalnummer, including a little voice-over. The jury was very surprised and clearly knew not what to think. But as for the song, it appears that Stephanie is also a real singer, but she has to get everyone to join in. Done this and it was a great success.

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the Desert, the man sings on the opening song of The Lion King, in a duet with a donkey

to SEE it. Metallica sings, “Blood, sweat, and tears,” André Hazes:
find out More about that by any chance? And all of a sudden, reigns of the panic in the hospital, when a leg of a reptile through the ceiling sticking out ‘Superpapa’ sacrifice for eight months, and the time to make a tree house in his own house to be built, this is the result, It could be a lot worse due to expire: driver van can only stop for a bike a toddler, Therefore, the swing, and that’s not just a samoeraizwaard … near a swimming pool