After six and a half months in space, German Astronaut Alexander Gerst and two other astronauts landed safely on earth. His Soyuz-space capsule hit on Thursday at 6 PM (CET) as planned in the steppes of Kazakhstan in Central Asia. Live images showed, as the 42-Year-old from the capsule to a seat was worn. He laughed, waved, and a hat on. He was looking forward to see his family, he said.

After his return in may, Gerst Christmas at the family gatherings. “Yes, he’s on holidays, sports and Training for the purpose of regeneration and Rehabilitation must be carried out”, said a spokesman for the European astronauts centre in Cologne, the German press Agency. 27. December it more then with his actions. The Mission has not yet ended, the results have to be evaluated, said Gerst after landing.

Because of the weightlessness on the International space station, the astronauts were immediately after landing in need of help. First of all, the Russian Sergey Prokopyev had been taken out of the capsule, and then his American colleague Serena Auñón-Chancellor and, finally, Gerst, visibly happy, and good things followed. Traditionally, the space riders was at the point of land Southeast of the city of Scheskasgan an Apple handed to you.


The return flight from the International space station ISS had lasted for more than three hours. In the process, massive forces were at work intermittently on the driver space. “I can hardly breathe because my tongue is so strongly pressed to the palate,” said Gerst in 2014, his return flight from his first ISS Mission. “There is a landing. Welcome home,“ tweeted the Russian space Agency, Roskosmos, finally.

The former German Astronaut Ulf Merbold Alexander welcomes Gerst returned to earth. “This is great, he makes a good impression. (…) a warm welcome,” said Merbold in “n-tv” Live images that showed how Gerst from the Soyuz space capsule.

temperatures of about minus ten degrees, waiting for the spacemen. They were on 6. June to the ISS broken. It’s second Mission was Gersts on the Outpost of humanity. The 42-Year-old from baden-württemberg, Künzelsau, Germany had taken over at the beginning of October, the first German command of the ISS. On Tuesday, he handed it over to his Russian colleague Oleg Kononenko.