‘The Freshly Cut Grass,’ Executive Produced by Martin Scorsese, Debuts Trailer Ahead of its World Premiere at Tribeca Fest (EXCLUSIVE)

Celina Murga’s “The Freshly Cut Grass,” executive produced by Martin Scorsese, is set to make its debut at the Tribeca Festival, with Variety exclusively unveiling the first trailer and poster prior to its world premiere on June 8.

The film, written by Murga, director Juan Villegas, and Lucía Osorio with the input of Gabriela Larralde, delves into the intricate dynamics of two couples engaged in extramarital affairs. Despite sharing the same professional status, the characters face differential treatment based on their gender.

Exploring themes of sexism and misogyny within both personal and professional relationships, the movie provides a contemporary examination of feminism, sexism, and the nuanced impact of these issues on individuals of all genders within the backdrop of two marriages.

“I appreciate films that challenge our perspectives rather than offering straightforward solutions. ‘The Freshly Cut Grass’ prompts us to reflect on the complexities of long-term romantic connections and contemporary family dynamics from the perspectives of each gender. It also sheds light on how societal norms influence the actions of each gender,” Murga shared with Variety.

The film is structured as a thriller, echoing the fatalistic narrative style of Fritz Lang’s work, where characters confront their inevitable fates. Producer Axel Kuschevatzky of Infinity Hill praised Murga as a leading female filmmaker in Latin America, noting her adept exploration of marriage intricacies in this production.

Oscar nominee Marina de Tavira and Joaquin Furriel headline a talented ensemble cast, including Alfonso Tort, Romina Peluffo, Emanuel Parga, and Verónica Gerez.

This collaboration marks Scorsese’s continued support of Murga’s work, having previously executive produced her drama “The Third Side of the River” in 2014, which competed at the Berlinale.

With a diverse production team spanning Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Europe, and the U.S., “The Freshly Cut Grass” is a joint effort by Infinity Hill, Mostra Cine, and Tresmilmundos Cine, among others.

International sales for the film are managed by Paulette Bensussen from TDO Media, while Kuschevatzky is scheduled to participate as a speaker at Rio2C alongside industry figures like Ron Leshem, Armando Bo, and Caleeb Pinkett.