When Apple in september of a new iPhone to the world, it had to be a large part of the world, that is, five months earlier, as seen from the Twitterkanaal of the OnLeaks . The Frenchman, who is behind this site, which earns its living things leak out, who have nowhere else to be found. “It all started with a blog,” he said in a recent interview with La Of .

The man behind the OnLeaks’s Steve Hemmerstoffer, a French father, of Metz, who, from the techno, and love. He has 99.000 followers on Twitter, where he turns out one of technologieprimeur, one after the other. He’s leaking photos of unreleased smartphones, and devices, in which one way or the other in your browser. “My job is to be months before the product is released to show what the new iPhone will look like”, he calls it La of .


It all started back in 2006 as a blog post. The Frenchman, who was on the job, and have a passion for new technologies, and the industry behind it, started strongly in the head, “on the road”. “At that time, it was still possible to make a living out of blogs. For that, I was done with my job and travelled the whole day is written about, and what I love. What’s that.”

But after a while it’s much more difficult to make a lot of money to be earned, and so did the guy stop and think. “It occurred to me that there are a lot more people to check out my blog came up when I extracted it with something that is nowhere else, except in some Chinese forum, which was to be found. I have also noticed that a lot of surfers have returned, as they leaked something on my blog, had read. Why would I go looking for leaks, and then, in the English language on Twitter.”

270 leakage:

the 270 cases, he has in the meantime been wasted. In 2018 the night, he has 38 products, of which 23 are 100 percent correct, and one 75% right. The room was not bad, but it’s still not launched. “My sources are mainly in China, and they are incredibly loyal. It’s hard to become friends. A lot of them have been working in the production department, but some of them are also in the division, and to many others.”

But, how can you live from a Twitter account. “Simple: I work with websites, who are looking for traffic and visibility in the market. Behind the tweet is that the OnePlus, the Google Pixel and the iPhone leak, there is a URL to a site that I can video or image save. If these are shared and taken on all sorts of sites, the sites that I work with, their internet traffic is exploding. I get my fair share.”

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