For the economy and prosperity of Switzerland, there is hardly a more important Treaty of the bilateral agreements with the European Union, the save the largely free access to the single market. More than half of all exports of Swiss companies in the EU. The bilateral agreements were negotiated in the assumption that Switzerland would accede to the EU. The confederates want to know, but nothing more.

This lack of accession will before the eyes, will interfere with the EU member States, in the meantime, the extra sausages, to approve the Swiss. They have as a protection of Wages and in the interest of the domestic business enterprises, a sanction bureaucratic Wall reinforced built, the foreign craftsmen to spoil the temporary work assignment in Switzerland. The trade unions and employers, supported, and monitored wage cartel in breach with its protectionist force against the agreement with the EU freedom to provide services and goes beyond the EU posting of workers Directive, in which the rules for cross-border services within the EU. The wants to let the EU do not like it. But all the warnings from Brussels reverbed in Bern so far, ineffective.

This is the Background for the institutional framework of the Treaty, the EU has been negotiating with Switzerland for almost five years, and the paver design is now available. The core elements of this agreement, a dispute settlement mechanism, and clear rules for the Adoption of EU law. In two cases, Brussels, Switzerland, has come far. Instead of, as originally planned, the European court of justice to the main referee, it was agreed that a joint occupied the court of arbitration set up.

Tighter control instruments

the New EU law, Switzerland should adopt, in the future, “dynamic”, but not automatically. This means: If the Parliament or the population voted in a referendum against a new provision will enter into force. To ensure the EU could respond with sanctions (compensatory measures). Proportionality can leave Switzerland, but by the court of arbitration for review.

With other words: The EU is the for the Swiss is eminently important direct-democratic processes be accepted, the voting public also has the word in the future, the last. If the confederates push the EU in the individual case in front of the head, not Brussels, to swing the big revenge hammer. Thanks to the new arbitral Tribunal, the small country would be protected against a disproportionate return carriages from the much larger partner.


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not know, in Spite of this success, the Swiss government dares at the Moment to initial the framework agreement para. Because in the present Form, Switzerland would be forced to a certain removal of homeland security. Brussels acknowledges that to apply to posted workers from the EU, the same wage and the same conditions as for Swiss. But the control instruments are to be defused. If a carpenter from Konstanz want to install a client in the Swiss Canton of Thurgau a kitchen, this must be at least eight calendar days in advance to the authorities. This period should be shortened to four working days, and only for abuse of vulnerable industries. Also, the obligation for EU companies, a Deposit for possible breaches of work regulations, should be soaked according to the will of the Commission.