The fourth major breakdown of the year – a disorder of Swisscom fixed customers from all over Switzerland have reported a failure of the mobile network. In several cantons, even emergency numbers are not achievable.84 Kommentare84Die map of reported incidents in the Swisscom network.Source: all of the disorders (26. May 2020, 12: 30 PM)

The incident on the Swisscom network has been fixed. The Services of the Telecom company were since 14.55 clock is available again, the Swisscom on Tuesday afternoon. Make Calls on the Swisscom mobile and fixed network was affected on Tuesday starting at about 11.50 PM in many regions of Switzerland. The exact cause is still being investigated. We regret the disruption, but exceptionally, the Swisscom.

According to the report, discussions over the mobile network for both business and private clients in the said time. In addition, calls from the mobile network as well as from the fixed network to Business numbers (08xx) in part not have been possible. The emergency numbers were not affected by the condition, writes the Telecom group.

According to the information of the App “Alert Swiss” Federal office for population protection were not, however, been at least in some cantons, the emergency numbers 112, 117, 118, 144 on the cell phone.

It is already the fourth major breakdown in the Swisscom network in the current year. In January alone, and February, there had been three breaks within a few weeks. The emergency numbers were no longer in the first two cases. The Federal office for communication, called on the Plan. It announced an investigation and wanted to take action.

(SDA /red)

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