Now, there are more and more likely that the she-wolf Head (and its children) have been killed by the professionals, demanded the four associations for a moratorium on the hunting wolvengebied. That they will leave on Thursday knowing it. “It is only through a total ban on hunting in the whole of the wolventerritorium, is there any chance of a ‘go-around’ of the fledgling wolf population in Flanders”, what it sounds like.

the Landscape of non-profit association (the association behind the Welcome to the Wolf), bird protection Flanders, the Wildlife Started, and the Animal Rights want to be an immediate moratorium on the food. “When the she-wolf Head at the start of January 2018, with the Flemish territory and walked in, it was the Flemish government, there is no way to be prepared, in spite of repeated warnings, in 2011, the wolf was on his way to Flanders,…) In a hurry, it was the beginning of 2018 (when the first of the wolf, in Flanders, was seen) by the Flemish Wolvenplan will be prepared. Of all the kinds of actors that were around the table, put the document up for inspection at the premises of business-as-usual to the business.”

now, With an immediate moratorium on the hunting wolvengebied would be the associations get worse to avoid. “The Wolf of August, it is, after all, is still in the wolventerritorium to be present at each and every day, the risk of the same fate, going Head. In the absence of policy, it is just a matter of days, the Flemish government has its last wild wolf, in the Northern part of Limburg to lose it.”

you can Also argue that the organisations, for an immediate reinforcement of the Natuurinspectie in the wolvengebied. “In particular, the Natuurinspectie in the whole of Limburg, has drastically enhanced the chance of ‘rogue’ characters were up to, hunt.”

in the Society in Flanders, Animal Rights, and Wildlife, praise together, $ 20,000 for the golden tip that leads to an effective conviction of the person (s) who is/are responsible for the death of a female wolf Head, and for her children. Paul Van Daele, who is the director of the Vogelbescherming in Flanders, and was on Wednesday observed that there has been a lot of support coming in, but it is still not advice.

for More on the Wolf, in Belgium, After the dead she-wolf Head: hunters will want to file a complaint for libel, slander, and defamation of character she-wolf Head, received death threats from hunters