nobel laureate and former ISIS seksslavin, Nadia In (25) is set for prisoners jihadist fighters, a process, such as the nazikopstukken after the Second world War in Nuremberg, germany. Murad has launched its proposal this past Monday, on Twitter, on the occasion of the death of ISIS head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The activist proposes that jihadis have a process to make all public domain, so that the world and their atrocities, not to forget”.

In was established in 2014 himself was taken captive by ISIS fighters, and it had to be a three-month survival as a seksslavin in Mosul, the capital of the ISIS caliphate. It was aanhoudelijk smitten with cigarettes, burned, and raped. After her escape, she fled away to Germany, where she worked for the case of the yezidi, a small religious minority in the Middle East and so on. In 2018, she was awarded the Nobel Peace prize “for their efforts to make sexual violence as a weapon of war-to-end”.

In call of the dead, ” al-Baghdadi “the good news of the world, especially in the communities that were attacked by ISIS. He died as he lived: a coward, which the children used as a shield.” However, for ISIS fighters to take a different approach for this. “Let today be the start of a global fight for ISIS, and for the courts. Victims have the right to see take place in a court of law, in which the whole world can see it. Law is the only acceptable approach. We have ISIS terrorists are held responsible for their actions, just like in the world of the nazis, the public felt responsible in the Nuremberg trials.

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the Genocide

In asking for attention to be given to a persecuted minority in the Middle East, such as the yezidi and christians who were suffering under the violence of ISIS, and in need of help”. There are still thousands and thousands of women and children, missing in action, highlights In. ISIS captured the yezidi area in northern Iraq in August 2014. In addition, thousands of people had been killed, and more than 3 000 girls, some of them less than a 9-year – old was abducted as a seksslavin used to be.

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The United Nations ‘ recognition of the campaign as a genocide. Human rights activist Amal Clooney, the wife of the well-known hollywood actor, George Clooney, will help the yezidi’s common these days to have a trial to organise. She also spoke of the ISIS atrocities by the nazis during the Second world War. “People will deny that today the existence of the gas chambers. What do you have to suggest? Well, we have about 4,000 documents that were used in the Nuremberg trials. The yezidi’s are earning the same.

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