The hope is that Sunday night is a substantive agreement between the Flemish, the table turns out to be in vain. Of integration and education, the positions are still far apart. In the budget this time is more difficult due to a predicted shortage of over 600 million euro, which is not even on the table.

“It could be that they have Sunday night be ready to get it, but everyone knows that it is just a little bit longer, it will take a while.” A source at the formatietafel at the martyr’s square has a little direct at times. The flemish formateur, Jan Jambon (N-VA) does not make any sense at all quickly-quickly, reeling. The Septemberverklaring, which is traditionally held by the prime minister at the opening ceremony of the parliament on the last Monday of september, it can’t be removed. “It is not for one day.”

at Monday’s land, so that the three coalition parties and their members, on Thursday, may call for the coalition to adopt, that would be great. “However, we will be able to, which conferences, if necessary, will also be on Saturday’s show together,” says a spokesman. “Only if we have the budget for a start, you should know that there might be a race about to come out, and it can, in principle, for each and every moment of it.” However, this budget is, in all these weeks has not yet been discussed. With a predicted shortfall of 600 million euros, in the absence of policy promises that will, however, be a serious exercise in. Long gone are the thematic working groups. All it is now is regulated by the central working group, under the supervision of a Ham. For the N-VA, is president Bart De Wever at the table, depending on the subject matter shall be assisted by vice-presidents, or candidates for ministers from the à la Zuhal Demir, Ben Weyts, and the current minister-president, Liesbeth Homans.

According to the Time , would be the lot of Ham, after some of the messages from the camp of the CD&V and Open VLD now has to agree in order to no longer be a budget job. The reduction of the registration tax on the purchase of a home, in order to compensate for the abolition of the woonbonus, it would be in the short term, cost a lot of money, and only in the long-term cost savings will lead. The reason for this is that every one of those tax-deductible mortgage loan has, to the bonus keep track of them. However, any new owner would have under the new system, but as of next year, less fees to pay, which in Flanders in the short term, less income. The N-VA would not be so heavy to lift that kind of deficit, “since it clearly measures the long-term will have a positive impact.”

it’s about the party, the budget deficit would have to let go of, however, is negated by the N-VA-hit. “The budget is simply not on the table is located. No one has to know that he is in the red and want to go to. However, it is true, of course, that we have investments to consider that, perhaps, at first, a hole in the budget, but after a couple of years to earn back its. What’s new is that will not. It’s just a general truth.”

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