The duke and duchess of Sussex, along with baby Archie arrived in South Africa for the Royal African Tour. The flight of the royal family walked to the delay in the Uk, but around eleven o’clock (local time), put baby Archie made his first – season – in steps on African soil.

Harry, Meghan, and Orders to draw ten days through the african continent to visit, especially non-profit organizations involved in youth and children’s work. Prince Harry is to visit also the republic of Malawi, Angola and Botswana, while his wife and child in South Africa to stay. The largest city in the country, in Johannesburg, they will be back together again.

this is the second time that the royal couple in Africa that attracts, but this is the first time that the baby’s Image on a journey. According to sources, the British royal family is the Royal African Tour. “no time,” and like Meghan and the Image is also not as it seems. “It has for months taken to be the time to plan. They want to be a serious work in the field.”

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