The weather service Météo Belgique, forecasts for the coming weekend, with the first melting of the snow in the southern part of the country.

After a cloudy and streaky on the first weekend of november, and will be for the rest of the month is quite unstable in terms of precipitation.According to Météo Belgique, the temperatures are a little higher than normal, and there will be quite a bit less rainfall. It would seem that this coming weekend will be the first snow-flakes, from the sky will fall, all will be well for melting snow to go.

The weather forecast for the next few weeks.

Monday remain cloudy, with rain at intervals. After this is all over, apart from a few local showers, temporarily drier from the French border, is becoming a mix of sun and clouds. In the course of the afternoon, the atmosphere is unstable, and we expect light scattered showers. Some of the showers may be quite strong, locally-possibly with some thunder. The maxima fluctuate between an 8 degree angle to the b & b is 12 or 13 degrees celsius, in Low – and Middle-Belgium.

Tuesday: , there are some rain showers and mostly cloudy. In the afternoon, the dryer is on the west side. We take a maximum of 5 or 6 degrees celsius in the High Ardennes, and up to 12 degrees celsius in the region.

Wednesday: it’s raining on the west side, but the other is still mostly dry with a chance to win a opklaringen. At the end of the day, moved to the light-to-moderate rain are to the rest of the country. The limits range between 6 degrees celsius at the b & b, and 12 c in lower and Central Belgium.

you can Also Thursday: draws a regenzone from the western side of the country. After the failure, that is, in the course of the day, a dryer with a opklaringen. also Friday: , there is still a chance of some rain, but it seems that it is often to stay dry. It was not much, to remain cloudy in the centre, the maxima at around 9 or 10 degrees.

Saturday , and especially Sunday: by Météo Belgique, in the first melting of the snow showers are expected in the southern parts of the country. In Flanders, it’s more likely to rain in the maxima of around 9 degrees celsius.

Photograph: Météo Belgique,