as The faithful fanschare of that Christoff could not save them. A juryscore 29 points, ended up with the lead singer all the way to the bottom of the standings. The Verhulst crawled through the eye of a needle with only one point more. The viewers decided to Christoff for sending them home.

The candidates were dancing yesterday, twice: groepsdans, and a piece of choreography with a very important person in their lives. Christoff has opted for a sultry samba with a future guy Ritchie. Not only that, it was the first time the two men together to dance in the Dancing with the stars , it was also the first of its kind in Christoff, and Ritchie himself: the couple danced a never-before-combined. Unfortunately, it produced little in the way of. Next week, five companies in the start-up of Dancing with the stars .