The way Michael van Gerwen seconds, the Darts-world Cup of the professional Association, the PDC has won, is actually already threat enough. The final in front of an audience of 3000 at London’s Alexandra Palace and millions of people in mainly English, Dutch and German TV-screens, the 29-year-old Dutch dominated in the face of a fast 4:0-Set lead almost at will.

Daniel Meuren

sports editor.

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He won in the end with 7:3 against the Englishman Michael Smith, and secured a premium of well over 550,000 euros. However, the real announcement of the competition followed until a winner Interview: “I think that I need to actually win more than three world titles would have up to the present day,” said van Gerwen.

The title is won, it’ll be the next. The guard boys tournament of surprises, which has made in the past three weeks at the world Cup, should not go with too high hopes in the coming years. Michael van Gerwens hunger for success is far from quenched.

In the footsteps of the record-breaking world champion

He is thanks to his third title after Successes in the years 2014 and 2017 are already the second most successful player in the history of the Professional Darts Corporation after the record world champion Phil Taylor, who won tournaments, the 14-Time PDC and also in front of the PDC-founding two titles in the competition’s Association, BDO achieved. But van Gerwen wants more. He wants to finally be the legitimate successor of the Darts legend, after he has mastered in the past four years, the major tournaments in the best Taylor-style. The output location is convenient: The new world champion is in his third title as old as Taylor once in his first success in 1990.

The end of the previous world Cup dominated van Gerwen also, amazingly, completely unchallenged, even though he threw by far his best Darts: After a difficult year, and especially a fall with some depressing low, he travelled were quite unsettled to London. However, none of his opponents knew from the unusual to beat self-doubt capital. “I was nervous and, to be honest: I haven’t played as well as I wanted to like it,” said the low countries, the average points value of just under 102 as well as in most of the rounds remained in the final with a Three-Dart-previously far below his possibilities.

He played again and again in 501 the beginning of the end Legs constantly, so that he had mostly as the first of the three to win a set of the necessary individual games. He shone, for example, but as usual with true volleys of 180ern, the maximum value of three litters in the Triple-20. He also left out more often than usual, to the End of the Legs necessary, double-fields. “But as long as You win, that is all that matters,” he said as tersely as entitled.

Almost as dominant as Taylor

And a little glamorous Van-Gerwen-world Cup ended with the most by the March of a player since the greatest days of the record world champion Phil Taylor. Van Gerwen was just eight sets.
Taylor, who had resigned after the defeat in the final of last year’s world Cup from the tournament sport, once had decided the competition in his best years between 1995 and 2010, in which he won 13 of the 16 world in a more violent way than now van Gerwen: The 58-year-old and only show fights on the Board standing Englishman was then due to world Cup tournaments, marches, in which he made several times only three or four sentences. Finals, he won four times in a row “to zero” and humiliated his opponents.