democracy is when all the send the one you don’t want to have to get out and then behind his back and decide how you can get rid of him permanently. A say that you could learn in a Christmas piece of nothing for life! The children in the audience understand immediately that it is ordered with the understanding of democracy of the Duke as bad as the nasty Baron Bulli coarse. Already the Name reveals nothing Good, and also in front of his right Hand, the precious heart of a servant in black, you better watch your back.

by Eva-Maria Magel

culture editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

speaking names abound in Robert Bolts “of The small thickness of the knights”. Already Oblong by Oblong how he is, after all, is a joke: Oblong nothing on the Knights, the loves dragons, and much is to be dutiful. Which is why he is the lazy Duke in the way. With the help of British humour-soaked knight in history, who wrote Bolt in 1963, has been selected by the Schauspiel Frankfurt, a very unusual material for this year’s pre-Christmas piece. Suitable, the possibilities of a large theater, ascend: to capture rotation stage, effects and, above all, an Ensemble willing, the very young and the Elderly.

Aanderthalb non-stop hours

its been A heart’s desire of the Director Fabian Gerhardt, who as a child was a Oblong-Fan, to the piece. And in Christoph Pütthoff, the kobolzt with ausgestopftem doublet and blond pot haircut on the stage, the Frankfurt-based Ensemble, in a sense, an ideal-typical Oblong. Pütthoff shows him a year and a half non-stop hours with a sword and briefcase, smart and naive, is a through and through Good, to save the island Bulli roughly against the tyranny of the Barons, with tango steps, and vocals, with Tricks and daredevil blade duels. As the only non-ambivalent figure, he is responsible as a carrier of sympathy to turn the voltage down.

Because it goes with a Bang and smoke, with Video and light effects and with a trembling hand dolls as subjects (puppet Nathalie Wendt and Caspar Bankert) it was pretty scary to Bulli coarse. Since André Meyer like as a great comedian and the Bullshit of his black heart – he is at the same time, a willing executor of Evil, in which the adults also fascist trains. A purple witch by the name of Moloch (Laura Teiwes) handled with venom and eats the spiders in the Video, the rotgelockte Baron Bulli coarse (Wolfgang Vogler) is shying away from murder and torturing the subjects, such as Obadiah (Andreas Grießer).

Or he just smokes?

That he does most täppisch, a big, makes him no less dangerous. Even the pretty red dragon Bonzo (costumes by Laura Kirst) by Annika Grüschow is an ambivalent figure. He bites yet? Or he just smokes? Not least, there lives a dragon on the camper, of coarse, is thanks to a video animation directly in the scene (Christian Wiehle) and virtually all could eat in the auditorium.