In the case of the Fantastic Four, the formula is: “Always Fantas, because we can not do otherwise.” I suppose so, the rough self-assessment. At least, the Stuttgart Benz town Gang 2014 was rhyming so in a row of the anniversary song “25”. Five years later, this meeting fits self-analysis, with the bold lines of “Many have a lot of early sick of it, as John and Ringo, George and Paul. Would have taken a bit of time, then you would have certainly so far,“ a clever cross-reference to Liverpool’s Fab Four includes fine again. To hear

he is almost at the end of a gigantic spectacle in the sold-out festival hall between “Ichisichisichisich” and “Together”. A little later lush white Confetti fountains shoot over the heads of the Crowd, as cherry blossom time would be just. To do this, Michi Beck sententiously says, “We are this summer, 30 years old, and able to believe” .

The masses stimulate

Indeed, Smudo, Michi Beck, Thomas D and And.Ypsilon for the first time as the Fantastic Four on the 7. July 1989 on a makeshift stage made of Euro-pallets. As pophistorischer the scene of the crime a former Kindergarten in Stuttgart-Wangen identify. Until July, for a while there, but Fanta 4 celebrate the round anniversary celebrations in advance of Frankfurt Gudd Stubb. Three dozen Songs there is a sound paired rather well-tempered Mix of good Mature Oldies with not a little Material from the current tenth Studio album “Captain Fantastic”. As a perfect opening act and long-time collaborator DJ Thomilla may stimulate approximately an hour long-the masses.

Then the view falls to aperture, because the three well-known silhouettes of Smudo, Michi Beck, Thomas D the light is behind the digital console of And.Ypsilon collects the monitoring force, a huge projection surfaces lights. Already in the first bars of “Captain Fantastic” keeps it on the two ranks no longer on his seat. In to the back of the hall at the end of a full interior all are anyway. As at least as huge expectations of the fan base that ranges from first-graders to retirees. Everything fit in the crotch, to signal the four are almost identical, dressed in early fifties, in order to give, with few exceptions, more than two hours neat full throttle.

“What’s up?”

In updated Arrangements of tunes can be heard from the early days like “What’s up?”, “Now it’s off” and “she’s gone”. “I’m still the same as in 1992, the Bravo, is it?” it comes from the house of master Thomas D, as for the former Durchbruchshit “die da?!” his former model of eyewear on the nose.

Surprisingly, the otherwise in principle, shirtless occurring Thomas D presented all evening long-no bare skin. However, the Audience favorite “Yeah Yeah Yeah” of the flame is driven by passion, what would you say the Beatles? All production is a core business: With an Original Sample from Hildegard Knefs ballads surrealism “In the 80. Floor” is equipped with the famous “The city”, the ballad “day at sea” takes the Trio to even Helium, to miss to Piepsstimmen. As a Western-Showdown with Smudo and Thomas in the Gunslinger-duel Buenos Dias Messias “appears”. A little later Smudo cavorts in the audience, dare to under the disco ball and even a dance. As A Band Nerd And.Ypsilon raps a line, he is frenetic applause. A further Shine light lights up with the acronyms-staccato of “MfG”.