Rihanna (31), which has its fans all the way crazy with the cryptic message. At the Diamond Ball in New York, said the Barbadaanse the singer in an interview with the lifestylemagazine ‘Essence’ is that they are the “black wife” and that she “will give birth to a ” black woman”. The one thing known in a short period of time and a storm on social media when the video has been shared. “Rihanna is pregnant, and if you want to accept it or not,” she said.

The singers of the Helicopter and Diamond developed a relationship with a billionaire, Hassan Jameel, and according to a female fan literally said that she is expecting a baby”. The video of the interview has now been over two million hits, and on numerous occasions shared.

“Rihanna is pregnant, and the child does not want me to do?”, responded to a disgruntled fan at the news. Another one knew the other and took it for what it might have been “for Rihanna as a mom, to have it.

However, not everyone is convinced that the singer is expecting a baby. “She’s talking about her origin and it is a hypothetical scenario, according to some scholars. One is convinced that the Elders at the Diamond-Ball , a champagne toast, but that was also in grape juice, is it?”

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