Agathe –

if you have a case of extreme verkeersagressie, it is Friday afternoon, one person was lost. After a discussion on the Mechelsebrug, cross the bridge over the Antwerp Ring road, in Berchem (antwerp), was a director for one other person inside. That is, there is, reportedly, very, very ready for this. The offender struck after the race.

“According to initial statements, there was a discussion between the two directors,” says Wouter Bruyns, from the Antwerp police department. “One of them would be out of the trailer on which the other of him and the door, get hit by a car and took flight.”

The victim suffered severe injuries. “Death will not be ruled out”, what it sounds like. The police are on the lookout for the escaped member of the board. The junction was for a time closed to traffic. (jtp).

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