The re-start of the Bundesliga, “The Experiment of the League plays every week on probation”Since Saturday afternoon, at 15.30, Germany has the football mind to play back – the Bavarian Prime Minister and Football fan Markus Söder says it’s much better than it was thought. Peter Birrer, Thomas Schifferle1 Kommentar1Vieles went better than I thought: The Markus Söder, the Bavarian Prime Minister says at least.Photo: Keystone-sda.chEisern Union: without a Chance against Bayern

Nina Hagen comes from the Band, at least this is normal in the Old Försterei stadium in Berlin’s Köpenick district and the home of Eisern Union. She sings: “We are from the East n go always to the front / shoulder-to-shoulder for Eisern Union / Hard times and hard are the Team / that’s Why we win with the Iron Union.”

The stadium was a solid hut, if it was a normal Sunday. FC Bayern is because, for the first time in the 57-year history of the Bundesliga: Bayern, the symbol of capitalism, is a guest at the Club, is understood still to be a draft. The Forester’s house is empty, the spirit of the game are also here, as everywhere in Germany, two professional leagues. Also the Zurich Urs Fischer is missing, Union coach has lost his father-in-law.

In this jubilation, we will have to get used to: Serge Gnabry and Robert Lewandowski after the 1:0 in the Poland.Photo: Hannibal Hanschke/Pool via Getty

Union adamant in the defense and helpless in the Offensive, Bayern have, at times, 75 percent possession of the ball. “Without an audience a game feels longer,” says Bayern Goalie Manuel Neuer. Lewandowski utilized a penalty, Pavard hits for a corner. Bayern to win in a fair game 2:0 and lead the table with four points, ahead of Dortmund. In eight days you will meet on the road to the Borussia.

The meaning: An Experiment on parole

For Fredi Bobic, the sporting Director of Eintracht Frankfurt, is this Saturday, not just Saturday. On the contrary, he has the big words selects the same: “This is a historic day. The whole world is watching Germany.” All you want to know whether the protection concept is not working.

From England the BBC is tweeting-Moderator, Gary Lineker, inspired by the “Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel: “Hello, football, old friend, I came to see you again. With the sound of silence.” TV station Sky is reporting for the Saturday record rates, with 60 percent market share, over 6 million on TV.

Without Corona would have gone on Saturday in the Bundesliga to an end, due to the Corona takes the program with the 26. Round. Two weeks ago, he would have had even greater fears as to whether the flaps could, says Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder on Sunday morning, as he sits at Sport1 in the program “double-pass”. Söder has endorsed the re-start of the Bundesliga strongly, now he is asked, whether the games be without an audience is scary, or spooky. “Neither,” says he, “it is much better than I thought. The Experiment has succeeded. I embellished the Saturday rather.”

Just Söder enough of a politician, who also warns and nothing like promise. When in front of spectators is played? “I can’t say. With Corona, we can make a Deal. As long as there is no vaccine, it remains a real challenge. The Experiment of the League plays every week on probation.”

Eight rounds still to come. The clubs to discuss safety, such as in the case of a crash, the season will be evaluated and whether or not at all. At least Söder has a clear opinion: “There needs to be a master, with UPS and downs. Otherwise it makes no sense.”

The cheers: sharpening

many of the rules are adopted, there is also the recommendation, to cheer reluctant to go without hugs. Vedad Ibisevic doesn’t care. The 35-year-old striker scored in Hertha Berlin’s 3-0 in Hoffenheim the second goal and celebrates, as the world would have never fallen apart at the seams. “The emotions you can’t hide”, he explains, “I asked our doctor before, whether the goal counts, if it cheers as always.”

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Söder says: “I don’t think it was good. The League will formulate its recommendation in respect of jubilation clear.” He speaks of “re-sharpening for the next week”. Because for him, the footballer with the best behaviour to prove that the operation has been added to again: “it is important what signals are sent out.”

It is in these extraordinary conditions, otherwise, a subtle. The Dortmund make your sovereign Derby win against Schalke four times in a row. And Freiburg coach Christian Streich to find the pragmatic and humorous approach. Before going to Leipzig, he says: “Then we don’t cheer holding. Hopefully, we are not allowed to cheer three times, because then we have scored three goals.” A 1:1 does not ultimately result, once cheering so, and looks like this: forearm to forearm.

The Swiss midfielder Renato Steffen succeed at Wolfsburg 2:1 in Augsburg, Germany, a wonderful header but the ball is hit. Before he has a thought: “How I would rejoice if I score a goal?” After his 1:0, he is happy indeed, “but it feels different than usual, more like after a hit in Training, if you say to yourself And move on. A feeling of explosion, you can’t talk about it.”

the goal of the season number 5:Renato Steffen meets wonderfully by the head.Video: Sky

it is clear To him that he must pay attention to any statement of miss. “We know what we need to follow to be able to play again,” he says, “Yes, there are emotions in the game. But we need to have under control, because right now the external representation of football. Everything we do will be very closely monitored.” That’s why he holds about the discussion of when and where a mask must be worn, to be superfluous: “it is best to stick to the rules. Then no excitement is created.”

The mood: How in the juniors

On 25. Round fill 363’043 people in nine Bundesliga stadiums. This is the beginning of March. The official number of spectators in the 26. Round: 0. “The players have to adjust to the fact that the frame will be like when you first started as a Junior, and no one watched it,” said Dortmund managing Director Hans-Joachim Watzke during the week.

the stages of mass does not remain casseroles, what amazed Watzke. Fears he can not understand: “The only phantom discussions of any politicians from the second and third rows, and so want to make the mood.”

Dortmund cheers, Schalke quarrels. In the stadium having not seen many of them.Photo: Reuters

In North Rhine-Westphalia, Recklinghausen, it comes to a Public Viewing at the drive-in. Dortmund and Schalke supporters keep track of the Derby with a respectful distance. The Ultras of Fortuna Dusseldorf state: “With the resumption of the game day of the season for us is finished. Even if we are aware that the consequence of this decision is harder than it reads here: For us, the season has under the current circumstances, no value.”

For Renato Steffen the season goes on with Wolfsburg. Of course he would rather have viewers. But at least he can pursue now his profession. His conclusion of the launch: “Despite all the restrictions and special features: For the game of football, it was a good weekend.”

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