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The mythical exbajista of Nirvana, is Krist Novoselić , has been involved in a controversy which has been forced to pull back on their words after writing a post on Facebook in which he spoke well of Trump after the race riots that are ravaging all over the country due to the death of George Floyd .

These were exactly the words that sparked the controversy: “Wow!!! I know that many of you do not support it, however, Trump has given a knock on effect with this speech. I agree, the president should not send troops to the states, and legally could not do it anyway, however his tone in this speech is strong and direct… The violence, and not the manifestations, they seem an insurrection of left-wing, do you imagine that the self-proclaimed “militias patriotic” they were causing this kind of hell? If that were the case, the left-wing people would give the nod to a federal intervention. The majority of americans want peace in their communities and president Trump spoke of this desire . No matter the legal details that few understand, Trump said that would stop the violence and this speaks for many,” posted on Facebook.

The statements caused controversy immediately, and the musician ended up borrarando the post and putting it in private mode your Facebook, that was not because someone had caught the message, and posted it on Twitter, which, in turn, led to deactivate your account in the social network of the bird. Later, on Facebook again, the bassist of the band of punk-rock Nirvana tried to clarify his statements.

“To clarify some things: as an independent, not support a candidate or party . And it’s crazy to have to say this but I do not support fascism, and I do not support an authoritarian state.

I Believe in a civilized society and that we all have to work for it. Love and thanks to anyone who cares to read this.”