The EU summit in Brussels: In absolute crisis mode


    without a word, and, unlike the day before, rather a surly-acting Theresa May arrives on Friday in ‘Europe’ building in Brussels. The hopes of the British Prime Minister, to receive from the other 27 EU heads of state and government a new, legally binding assurances to Brexit, smash. “Our British friends have to tell us what they want to convince us that we should say what we want,” declared European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker earlier, at the hour of midnight, and speaks of a “sometimes nebulous, inaccurate debate”.

    Jochen Buchsteiner

    Political correspondent in London.

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    Michael Stabenow

    Political correspondent for the European Union, Nato and the Benelux countries.

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    This May in the circle of the rest of the heads of state and government of the EU has left no doubt what it’s all about you at the core of what want to guarantee the EU-Partner but you are not. May want to a legally binding EU commitment to a date, to take the “Backstop”, not only British politicians talk about the hot heads, in the annals of Brexit-Saga.

    Specifically, there is a need to prevent after the end of March planned for Brexit and at the latest after the expiry of the up to the end of 2022 temporary transitional phase of the re-introduction of intra-Irish border controls. This is to put a stop to new tensions in the “good Friday agreement” of 1998 pacified Northern Ireland. A special status for the Region within the Kingdom of many Brexit supporters reject categorically.

    Angela Merkel calls to> further clarifications