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last Night, held at the Hipódromo de La Zarzuela, the sixth day of the Summer Season, marked by limited capacity, security measures and the mask. Did not miss the cuisine and the spectacle of horse racing. The large number of audience enjoyed and a lot of the “epic image of the “Summer”

The race responsible for opening the day was the Prize Reltaj, for colts and fillies, 2 years old, born and raised in Spain, about the distance of 1,200 meters straight line. To four participants. From the start, there was no history, Machu Pichu was very superior to its rivals, winning the tip-to-tip, giving a real ride, more than nine bodies. Second came Nur, being third, A Miracle, eleven bodies behind.

The second race was the Prize Arkaitz, handicap down, for horses and mares of 3 years and older. Eight candidates for the triumph departed from the post of 2,200 meters. The favorite Ring Cycle met with slack, gaining end-to-end, without giving option to any of its rivals. Urban Rock in favor of shape and weight, managed to enter the second position. Cabuerniga came third, enjoying to next.

“COSTA ESMERALDA” 4th run – Revista DC PRO

In third place was played the Prize Nembutal, handicap straightened, second part, for horses and mares of 3 years old and up, about the distance of 1,700 meters, and on sandy track. Thirteen participants took the exit. Vane came to decide to take the head and half the straight in front as he headed up the peloton, setting the pace of the test, entering in the straight final in that privileged position, he held until the finish, winning in a brilliant manner. Plundered shots as always of late, and with his great change of pace, came in second position. A very improved Branco, succeeded for the first time to appear to a finish, achieving a creditable third place.

The fourth race was the Prize, the Lord, support of the Lototurf, handicap straightened, the first part, for horses and mares from 3 years onwards, also on the distance of 1,700 meters, and on sandy track. Twelve participants. Absolut caught on quickly to the head, setting the pace of the test, thus leading to the final straight where giving a jerk he tried to endure to win the race, but Emerald Coast topping on the inside and with a lot of force, went to the goal with solvency, winning with authority by more than two bodies. Absolut managed to hold on to second place, being third party to a body of this, City Master. The bet mate is paid 56,90 1. The bet Trio had a dividend of 2.947,70 €

he Closed this day, the Award Tamanar, for colts and fillies 3 years old, which had not won. Seven challengers departed from the post of 1,900 meters. Zibary came out determined not to give option to the favorite Tagual, setting a very strong pace since the opening of the drawers, coming straight to the final with a number of bodies of difference, which held up the post of arrival, winning with great authority by almost 6 lengths on Tagual, that nothing could do before the superiority of the winner. Third nearly 10 bodies of the second, came Vectra, which endured for half a body, the attack late Alcimeda.

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