A test drive of electric SUV as the source of life Skoda sees the new Enyaq as “the beginning of a new Era”. And the first as a pure electric vehicle developed model of the Czech VW subsidiary, has it actually in herself. the Dave Schneider1 Kommentar1Grünes car on the emerald Isle: The test-drive the still-camouflaged E-SUV Skoda Enyaq took place before the Lockdown on Ireland.Photo: Skoda

Enya – the source of life. This Gaelic word has Skoda a “q”, as it will carry all the SUV from the Czech brand. On Kodiaq, Karoq and Kamiq Enyaq follows now. The Name is programme: For Skoda, this new model will have an invigorating effect. Because, although the VW-daughter core stands healthy and in the past few years, from a sales record to the next, floated, broke now because of the Corona-crisis, the sales in the first quarter of 24.3 percent to 232’900 vehicles, the operating profit fell by 25 percent to 307 million euros. And, of course, Skoda also forth can feel the political pressure: electric cars need to, soon, be best. Thanks to technology from the mother house of Volkswagen Skoda was able to implement this request (or command) relatively quickly and in less than four years of development, a electric-powered SUV on the wheels. One that has it. “The Enyaq iV marks the beginning of a new Era,” emphasised Skoda’s CEO Bernhard Maier because of pride. “He is the flagship of our E-mobility Offensive.”

Unaccustomed extravagance

the first test-drive the still-camouflaged pre-production took place in Ireland, with the Irish name. But the country also fits so well to the new electric SUV: The “Green island” can serve as a Symbol for the electric mobility, which is referred to as green propulsion technology. Although the test drive was already in front of the Corona-Lockdown instead of the reporting, but up to this Embargo. Because of VW. Because of the Skoda Enyaq is based on the new Modular E-drive modular system, MDBs, the Volkswagen group of up to nine years for 75 (!) new electric wants to build models. In the same way as the VW ID.4, an electrically powered SUV. Skoda was ordered to Wait until the in-house competitor would have had his Grand appearance in early March at the Geneva Salon. But it was not to be: the cancellation of The Geneva International Motor Show (GIMS) and the subsequent Lockdown of a mess shook the wolf Burger Agenda, which is why the launch of the Enyaq to the rear was moved – if all goes well into the first quarter of 2021.

This background banter, not much does matter, but from the perspective of VW, it is understandable. With the Enyaq Skoda has managed a large litter, of the ID.4 gets a little hot. Two battery sizes (62 or 82 kWh), four performance levels (150 and 225 kW), rear – or all-wheel drive, a WLTP-range up to 500 kilometers and a charging time of 40 minutes for 80 percent of the battery (with 125 kW DC) – the Enyaq covers a wide range of customer needs. The prices are not yet known, but one can assume that Skoda has positioned the Enyaq attractive. And the Czechs to wear even thicker: As a optical Highlight, a lighted “grille” is available, its interior illuminated pursuit of Bohemian crystal are inspired by glass and the Keyless unlocking of the vehicle, a Light show held. A extravagance that you previously did not know of Skoda, which is the Enyaq but good. It signals something New, something Exciting comes up.

Digital and sustainably

The 4.65 Meter long five-seater, many of the contemporary Features provides otherwise. A fully digital Cockpit Standard, just as the free-standing, 13 inch screen for the infotainment system. Optionally, it will give a Head-up Display that attaches by means of Augmented Reality, the turn-off arrows of the navigation system in perspective on the street, or to the corresponding driving can lift the track out. Almost compulsory for a modern electric car with a Smartphone App for the charging infrastructure, is: “Skoda power pass” offers in accordance with the manufacturer access to 80 percent of all charging stations in Europe, the customer receives only a summary invoice, no matter what providers he invites. “We have transferred the Skoda’s Motto “Simply Clever” on the electric mobility,” says development chief Christian Strube. “We wanted maximum functionality in every Detail, connected with the driving pleasure and sustainability.” This also includes the use of sustainable materials in the interior belongs to, as it is just in fashion: fabric made from recycled PET, wool fiber, or olive leaf-tanned leather miss the Enyaq inside a environmentally friendly coat of paint.

The drive can not be said much the behavior of the test drive in the not yet fully developed pre-production prototype was only a small taste. In the four-wheel drive country of Switzerland, the 4×4 variants with a second electric motor, will arrive at the front is particularly good, while the entry-level version with rear-wheel drive is intended primarily for price-sensitive customers. “We are convinced that now is the right time for such a vehicle,” says Marketing Executive Alain Favey, and becomes so elegant is the fact that Skoda is only now, as the technology is made available to the group, in the.

However, In what continues to be boom in the compact SUV Segment ends of the stylish Enyaq is well positioned, as is currently the Wander only a little competition. If the Enyaq comes next year in the trade, the field will be a poet – then he must.not only with the Hyundai Kona, but also with models such as the BMW iX3, the Mazda MX-30, the Tesla Model Y, or the VW ID 4 trade fairs. Then it will show how invigorating the Enyaq impact on the business of Skoda.

Two battery sizes, four levels of performance, rear – or all-wheel drive: The Enyaq covers a wide range of customer needs.Photo: SkodaEnya is the Gaelic word for the source of life. The Name is program: The electric SUV to revive the business of Skoda.SkodaMit 4,65 meters in length, is positioned in the Enyaq in the still booming Segment of Compact SUV ends.Skoda power will be loaded with a maximum of 125 kW DC. Then the battery in 40 minutes to 80 percent full.Skoda1 / 40 comment please Log in to comment