All of the concentration on Niko Kovac? Not with Marco Russ. “At Bayern Munich coach can be anyone who wants to,” said the Eintracht defender in this week. “Bayern is Bayern. It is always something Special to play against. There is nothing more Beautiful.“ In the last Bundesliga this year game in the world Cup Arena in Frankfurt will see a special charm in meeting with the German champion and former coach Kovac.

0:5 at home in the Supercup against Bayern presses heavily on the mind of Hessen, which today can be found on the square has long been an impressive ease. “We have a bill, we want to annoy Bayern,” gave Russ the direction for the first half of the season finale. “And this has nothing to do with Niko Kovac.” His announcement: “None of us want him to obliterate one.”

welcome back at the old job! Peter Fischer is looking forward to the reunion with Kovac in Frankfurt. “Niko Kovac has played a very important role,” said the Eintracht-President of this newspaper and reminds the Class, whereabouts, and the two-time Reach the Cup finals, then won in the preseason, to the merits of Kovac. “It makes me sad sometimes, that people forget. You realize that football often has no memory.“

conservation for Chandler?

fisherman finds it a pity that there is in social media “as a Nachtreten and malice”. With Kovac that he had got “a good and very respectful,” said the President. And this is still the case today. Nevertheless, he and the Frankfurt Fans had only one goal, “Niko Kovac on 22. To pack December is not a package where one or three points in it, which he can then be put under the Christmas tree,“ said the fisherman. “I hope that we will everything Possible to do.”

The Concord has been blessed in the past few days, already abundant. According to Mijat Gacinovic, Gelson Fernandes, Russ and Makoto Hasebe Danny extended da Costa, on Friday his / her contract for a further year, until 1. July 2022. The player who was been in all 24 games. And, therefore, has not only a particularly rigorous program, but also a big step forward in his development. Da Costa, who collected more minutes of the game as a goalkeeper, Kevin Trapp, games, a “super round,” says Russ.

“He plays to the Limit and beyond.” Head coach Adi Hütter is prior to the encounter with the Bavarians that will be offensively oriented defender of rights “will get everything out of himself”. Timothy Chandler, of the other defenders in the squad, will fly at the beginning of January with the team in the training camp in the United States. In terms of the severity of knee injury need to give Chandler “still time,” said Hütter on Friday. “We will look at how resilient Timothy is and if he is in the back round has a theme.” Should that not be the case, had to hope the harmony on it, “Danny Costa can complete further, since each game,” said Hütter and grinned.