The editorial to the USA – A little bit of hope in trump’s America, Donald Trump is showing in dealing with the protests once more his authoritarian instincts. But the demonstrations show that in the US some converts – for the Good.Opinion of Alan Cassidy from Washington34 Kommentare34Trump hopes on the Nixon effect. He could fool you: unlike 1968, the Protest against racism in the population is today widely established. Protesters in front of the White house.Photo: Reuters

you can’t stop the pandemic. Don’t be intimidated by police officers who beat them with rubber balls coated food with sticks. Do not let the combat helicopters over their heads to impress, and of the soldiers without insignia, in the streets of Washington to patrol.

In almost every city in the USA, the people go these days on the street to protest against the police brutality that has shown the death of the African-American George Floyd on so harrowing way. Donald Trump has lost only a very few words about the pain of Floyd’s death in the country has triggered, and he also said nothing about the fundamental problems that condemn the mostly peaceful protesters.

Instead, he talks almost only about the rioters, for the riots were seen, especially at the beginning of the protests. It is this weighting that you have to measure him.

Trump presses his knee to the American democracy, to stifle you.

The President warned, in the words of a racist police chief in the 1960s, and that looters would be shot. He had a Protest in front of the White house to disperse, in order to present a Bible as a culture of fighters. He threatened the soldiers against his own people. He was from Washington, the self-proclaimed capital of the free world, a weapons bristling fortress.

If it needed one last document for Trumps authoritarian and demagogic trains, he supplied him with his answer to the protests. Trump presses his knee to the American democracy, to stifle you.

In the Person of George Floyd together

It would be easy to see in Trumps America in these days, only darkness. It is the continuation of an eternal story. Racism and state violence against Black people is as old as the USA itself. You are not a question of party politics. Police officers killed a Black, as President Barack Obama said. In the city of Minneapolis, in the George Floyd was killed, to govern for more than 40 years, the Democrats.

In Floyd’s Person shows a lot of the things the United States, and especially the African Americans suffer: Before he was killed by a police officer, had Floyd lost in the train of the pandemic in its place, and was suffering from Coronavirus.

White to the side of Black

but there is also light. Those who attended the protests, will not experience the mood of the civil war, but of nonviolent resistance. In contrast to the riots of 1968 and the first protests of “Black Lives Matter”movement, many white people are among the participants are Americans, and in some places they are even in the majority. This is new.

The majority of Americans support the demonstrations. In the surveys, the understanding of the White for the threat posed by the justice and police apparatus is for Black increased significantly in recent years.

“I see hope and progress in this Moment,” says the author, Ta-Nehisi Coates, a leading voice of black America. Hope for reform of laws and procedures that protect übergriffige officials against the consequences. Hope for a disarmament of the police forces, which are militarized, therefore, when the armies of the smaller States.

The culture change is reflected in the broad support for the peaceful protests.

That is a cultural change in speed is also reflected in the Statements of support for the protests, which are submitted by U.S. companies. It shows in the fact that the four of Floyd’s death involved police officers quickly charges are filed, and it shows, not least in the remarkable statements by the representatives of the military.

“The protests are characterized by the tens of thousands of conscientious people who insist that we are our values,” said trump’s former Minister of defence, James Mattis. The danger to the Constitution, not by a few rioters, he said – but of Trump.

the memories of Nixon – but what?

What are the effects of the demonstrations that ultimately depends on how they develop. If you stay after the violent beginning of a peaceful – or whether they result in new unrest. The fact that Trump seems to hope. He compares himself increasingly with Richard Nixon, who won in the protest year 1968, the presidential election, he sold the decisive voters in the suburbs as a Law-and-Order candidate.

it is Possible that this even manages to Trump. Only problem is that Nixon was not President, but Challenger. And compared to Trump Nixon sound moderate. The tone and gesture, the current President is more reminiscent of the angry racists George Wallace, who ran in the same year for the presidency. The majority of Americans turned away in disgust from him.

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