had done before, the British Prime Minister, May has announced, on Monday afternoon to postpone for Tuesday in the British Parliament planned Brexit vote, already the European court of justice (ECJ) in the Morning for a Bang: His decision that the British might make the withdrawal from the EU without the consent of the other 27 member States, raised in the case of Brexit-opponents on both sides of the English channel, the hope, that a second Referendum could make the in June of 2016, British citizens with a narrow majority decision, and since then, more controversial decision-the withdrawal back. The British government and the European Commission sought, however, the possible implications of the decision the top EU judges to downplay.

Michael Stabenow

Political correspondent for the European Union, Nato and the Benelux countries.

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In a rush, the Luxembourg-based ECJ is concerned, at the request of the Supreme Scottish civil court with a lawsuit brought by members of the Scottish, British and European Parliament and the EU law is interpreted. The finding was eventually referred to the plaintiff: The community law gives the UK the opportunity to make the decision for the end of March planned exit after 46 years of membership without the consent of the other 27 EU States.

In the opinion of the court it is, the appropriate decision – the waiver of the Brexit should be at the end of a democratic process with respect for the applicable member state’s constitutional rules; the decision was communicated to the European Council of heads of state and heads of government in writing.

ECJ ruling “groundbreaking” for Brexit

advocates of a second Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom, but also on the European mainland, to feel the judgment of the Supreme EU judges as leading the way for the planned withdrawal of the exit decision. In Edinburgh, the constitutional Affairs responsible Scottish Minister Michael Russell referred to the judgment as a refutation of the arguments put forward by the British government, according to which there is only the choice between the Brussels negotiated Brexit solution and the “Disaster of No-Deal”. “We know now that, thanks to the efforts of the Scottish parliamentarians to remain in the EU is still on the table,” said Russell.