it is Still not known when in this country, the film adaptation of Elena Ferrantes Neapolitan Saga will be broadcast, from the fifties to the present day. In America, HBO and Rai-produced TV series “My Brilliant see Friend” already, and the reaction of the critics was quite mixed. Who doesn’t want to lay on the Disambiguation of an epic novel substance through images, which can grab instead, to Ferrantes debut, now reissued in the new translation by Karin Krieger.

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“L’amore molesto” – “Annoying love” – appeared in the Original Italian in 1992, and today it is read to the extent of an appeal, and as this debut is already a wide range of subjects and topics that are shaping the author in her later, in 2011, appearing tetralogy about the friendship of the Neapolitan girl Lenù and Purple. Not only is “Annoying love” in Naples, and the core of domestic violence. Especially a female relationship at the center, however, not horizontal as in the Saga, but in a vertical relationship, namely the one between a daughter and her mother is also here.

And also the Disappearance of a takes later in the novel, four dividers already in this first literary testimony of Elena Ferrantes, the prefers also, as a writer, anonymity, a Central role. In the Saga, it is the disappearance of the girl in Purple, is obsessed with the desire to. Decades later, you will do just that eventually – what Lenù to the occasion, the history of your friend from the beginning, in the Patriarchal and mafiös through continued work to explore the area of Rione. By Lenù questioned in the past, she wants to get a better understanding of the present.

similarly, in the novel, “Annoying love”, also opens with a Disappearance. The comic artist Delia awaits the visit of her mother in Rome and is not initially very worried, as this shows. Despite their tensions, the two see regularly, sometimes, the mother simply takes a later train. This time, however, Amalia does not, instead, the daughter receives several disturbing phone calls in which you told the mother increasingly kinky stories that she could not speak, because a man was with her and that she was being followed. “Go to sleep. I’m going to take a bath“ are the last words of Amalia on the phone. The next day her corpse is washed up on the beach, Spaccavento.

“Annoying love” unfolds in the Following, a Psychodrama about the sinister dynamics of a dysfunctional family. As Delia to the funeral in the old home city of Naples – what is tearing open old wounds that were just healed, supposedly, makes them, find out what your mother is in the hours before her death. Who was the man who was supposedly with her, and what it has to do with the ominous underwear, which she finds in a suitcase? Delia’s Search leads deep into the family history. So you met her once abusive father, a painter, has not seen after the parents had separated for years. Like a detective, follows the Patterns and characters, but the more you research, the more eerie is what is revealed, to the young woman into a nightmare world to drift so seamlessly into the Events woven into it is that the readers no longer know what is real and what is hallucinated.

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Caserta, is made to Delia’s father after the war, once the shops and in the know his Name sound like that of a fiend from the fairy tale, will soon lead to a key figure not only for the recent events, but for the entire history, and that Delia combines with that name feelings, such as dizziness and shortness of breath, finally, to the extruded node. In this, however, she is mired on the most Ominous. Ferrantes narrative arc takes here, too, the Neapolitan world of the microscope, and you can read this novel as a psychological Thriller, as a society novel, there are dramatic scenes of ill-treatment. The most Striking, however, is the literary ferocity of this debut, an associative gluten. Language is probably the orderliness for a disturbingly cluttered world, such as the Saga in this pack mother-daughter is not to be found-Drama.