The E Bike is a giant chance
The E Bike is a giant chance

E-Bike and tourism – “The E-Bike is a giant opportunity,”bicycles with electric drive will play in the tourism an increasingly important role. Three questions and answers to the booming industry.Christoph Ammann0 KommentareMit E-Bikes can be even more challenging terrain in the picture is the hilly Emmental – with ease discover.Photo: Jacqueline vinzelberg what is the role of E-Bikes in the holiday business?

“We get many requests from destinations and Hotels, the E-rent Bikes to guests, or want to provide,” says Daniel Bühler, managing Director of M-Way. As a company of the Swiss E-Mobility Group M-Way sold at 31 sites in Switzerland for E-Bikes. Darco Cazin doesn’t explain: “The E-Bike is a great opportunity for the Alpine tourism.” The Engadine developed since seventeen years of Bike concepts for tourist regions. The Grisons and the Ötztal are from Cazins optics, the leading destinations for E-bikers in Switzerland and Austria.

anyone Who drives an E-Bike?

“thanks to the new E-Bike concepts, the construction of Trails in Alpine destinations and specific trips, and is, increasingly, a younger audience of the E-Bike,” says Daniel Buhler. In Corona-hours many commuters from the caution by public TRANSPORT are also on the E-Bike switched. “The suitable the more expensive and fast S-Pedelecs are selling particularly well,” says Buhler, “you can lay back slightly a distance of 20 kilometers.” Darco Cazin observed that guests make use of the E-Bike is increasingly instead of the car to be mobile.

But the E-bike for the sporty driver is becoming more and more popular. Cazin: “For three years it plays in our plans an important role.” A quarter of the 13’000 E-Bikes at M-Way per year, over the counter, are mountain bikes. “Because the weight is under the saddle, can jump very well,” says Daniel Buhler.

What innovations are there in the E-Bike market?

2019 were sold in Switzerland, 133’000 E-Bikes, 37 percent of the total volume in the Bicycle shop. The Motor and batteries will be increasingly integrated in the framework, the range is improved. M-Way is currently working on a Flat Rate for the rental of E-Bikes from the Store. In cooperation with the TCS, the dealer gives from the fall of a comprehensive insurance with roadside assistance. Bühler: “The Patrollers rush in with their all-terrain vehicles, even in remote mountain valleys to help.”

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