The doctor accuses co-worker of radicalisation


Mechelen –

In the court of first instance of Mechelen, belgium on Thursday, a federal gezondheidsinspecteur have recently had to answer for their false accusations. The woman would make a complaint about the misconduct, and the potential radicalism of a Famous physician, so that is the subject of an investigation, and to say that their reputation was suffering. According to the victim, this was a complaint from a racist and islamophobic setting the gezondheidsinspecteur session.

The two sides are both Famous doctors in the neighbourhood. The first one, based on her status as a federal gezondheidsinspecteur, but in december of 2015 with the liaison officer of the federal judicial police (PJF), that the two witnesses were misogynistic, and possibly radicaliserend the behaviour of another person. That would make a fundamentalist attitude is adopted, how to deal with radicalised people, and they refuse to allow the women to be the least. The results of the federal judicial police showed to the contrary, the making of the complaint has been dismissed. Therefore, the physician who is the subject of the investigation was a complaint made for false accusations. “This type of research, it is a dangerous precedent for doctors with a muslim background”, they said on Thursday.

“She knew exactly what was going to happen when they have a complaint against my client would be filing and what effects it might have. The malice is clearly proved, it’s going to be more than ‘just their job to do,’“ says the master, Tim de Smet, who is the prosecutor present.

the public prosecutor’s office, however, is not evidence of malice. “To praise her for something like this report, you should be preventive action, with the rumors of radicalization. This was not the vuilspuiterij, but to be honest concern. Therefore, I ask for the acquittal”, said the attorney, Ken Van hoogenbemt.

the defense of the women believe that there is no error occurred and that the client is in good faith and acted. “The declaration happened soon after the terrorist attacks in Paris, there was a time when a call is made to prevent such a quick report. The only input from my client was that she was deeply concerned. They should not be put in jail, but to get a medal for what she has done. She has her neck stretched out, and thus its own reputation in the scale laid down.”

the doctor is no harm to be aware of. “I’ve never had any official complaints, but just wanted to get the police, this is being investigated. I’ve had this casual time.

The other doctor is asking for 5,000 euro loss. “There are 120 doctors in Mechelen, belgium, and my reputation has been put to shame by the research, in which coworkers were asked about my dealings with them, and for my patients,” he said. “This is a witch hunt, and I’m really not the profile of a radicalised, and have worked with five female doctors. It’s not because I’m a muslim that I can be who am,” he concluded.