The diocese of Mainz in red: No new day-care centres more


    The bishopric of Mainz is expected for the next year with a deficit of almost 23 million euros. To ensure that the management plan in 2019, with a volume of 334 million Euro, which corresponds to an increase of 2.1 percent compared to the previous year – at the end of the bottom line again “in the red”, were, above all, higher provisions, is responsible.

    Markus Schug

    correspondent of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung in Mainz.

    F. A. Z.

    This used to hedge future pension has to be made in payments, especially for priests and civil service teachers, it said on Saturday at the conclusion of a meeting of the Church steuerrats, has worked in the Erbacher Hof in Mainz, Germany, with the continued strained financial situation of the 20 deaneries and 303Pfarreien divided diocese. In the diocese of about 500 priests and as many nuns take care of the concerns of almost 730.000 Catholics, which corresponds to a share of around 25 per cent of the living in the area population.

    the consolidation of the diocese of finances

    for the now ending year had been calculated on the basis of a shortfall in the amount of almost 27 million euros. As a response, have been initiated according to the vicar General, auxiliary Bishop Udo Markus Bentz, “the first steps towards the consolidation of the diocese’s finances”. The summer announced the introduction of school fees in the hessischem Terrain nearby educational institutions.

    in Addition, it was decided that in future no further Sponsorship to pay more for daycare. Also, it should be now clearly less Verbeamt, particularly teachers, should schools be affected. Two approved large-scale projects, namely the refurbishment of the Mainz Gymnasium Theresianum, and the St. Lioba school in Bad Nauheim, according to the diocese, but regardless of the “savings diktat”, which is likely to make in the next two years, investments in the amount of approximately 50 million euros.

    the hub

    et, the Catholic Church in Mainz on Saturday submitted the investment plan that has a volume of only 3.4 million Euro, are rather more cautious. “The focal point of the upcoming consolidation,” according to Bentz, the education opportunities and the real estate portfolio. All other positions will be taken from Bishop Peter of cabbage count at the end of the discussions, as expected in the enacted budget will, however, also in the view.