the Diesel is a little more expensive than others: the maximum price of a litre of diesel fuel B7 rising on Friday by 0.3 cents to 1,5250 of the euro. That is announced in the federal public service for the Economy Tuesday.

The price of heating oil is rising: 0.98 cent, or 0,6695 cents per gallon for orders of more than 2000 litres of fuel.

the Reason for the price hike is, the more expensive oil products, or biocomponenten in the international market.

for More on Diesel fuel to New diesel cars prove to be as clean as an electric: you may have to change trains? And, as a dieselban are still up for it? Still have to fill up the tank diesel will be Wednesday, more expensive, Diesel fuel is 2 cents cheaper, with Three VW-toplui be prosecuted for market manipulation in dieselgate’