Politically, a hot spring is looming in Stuttgart. This weekend, hundreds of citizens against Diesel want to demonstrate-driving bans. The founder of the Initiative “No diesel driving ban-for-Stuttgart”, Ioannis Sakkaros, calls on Saturday for the third Demonstration. To do “crass much, I am arg has and is now constantly on your toes. Even Breakfast TV has requested,” says Sakkaros, who introduces himself privately as a “wrench” and otherwise as “Automotive mechatronics” at Porsche, in the shift operation on the Band. “I have a 14-year-old Euro-4 Diesel, I was annoyed that I no longer can take it. Incidentally, this is not a Porsche,“ he says.

Rüdiger, they

Political correspondent in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

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On Saturday, the Greek citizen who is not entitled to choose in the forecasts for Germany, with thousands of protesters. Meanwhile, there are a group of 15 supporters, including some lawyers, the overwhelming of the success of the first two demonstrations rolled over Porsche-workers easily. Much of the energy he has used, together with a works Council, the IG Metall, the demonstrations against all sorts of political cooptation attempts to shield. Initially, the AfD and the right-wing works Council for the group’s “center of automotive” (ZA) to the Sakkaros’ call attempted to attach, last Saturday, he had to hold of effort, speakers of the AfD of a gig. “It should be fair for all citizens to be open,” says Sakkaros.