He went to the phone … Wilhelm Genazino was a handsome man, but on closer inspection, something very Sensitive, Delicate, and so it was probably his extreme thin häutigkeit that prevented him from being permanently reachable. These self – defence and such it was – had nothing to do with the writers occasionally encountered coquetry to such a distance and inaccessibility as a “luxury” spending. Genazino came with the phone and the non-electronic Mail for a lifetime, and who had him on the line, also had to endure the one or the other talk break – the man on the other end is thinking about what he had to say.


responsible editor for the Feuilleton.

F. A. Z.

There are in the German post-war literature is no Second, whose novels the each other in such a, almost like an Egg, the other the same, as is the case with him. His protagonists, all of these people, Creative or Intellectual, cheat, or shying away, too, sometimes literally under a conspicuously unglamorous, usually in the Frankfurt-based action. There are all avoiders of Life, and sometimes -verneiner, the outer experience of poverty is contrasted on the inside, on the wealth of Genazino even the largest value of put and he may have consoled again and again, if you came to him in a conversation that at him everything is so bleak, so grey – is actually a misunderstanding, if you commit yourself to the Fullness of the Imaginary and Perceived.

Wilhelm Genazino came in 1943 in Mannheim to the world. The spiritual Narrowness of his parents ‘ house, and the adventurous childhood of freedom that he enjoyed in the rubble of the bombed-out city, emboss as well as all of his novels, sometimes as a willfully induce thought, sometimes as a randomly encountered and quickly verwehende bits of memory. The seriousness and bitterness with which this Childhood is called again and again, suggests that he has done so, or not at all to his peace. The almost pathologically frugal father and helpless mother, who can’t get out of your narrow-mindedness, ghosts how to mute criminal instances through the memories of the heroes, is due to this legacy that it is unable to get out of prosperity, or even of luxury. In the case of this author, you can learn what it means when a catches up with the past: it paralyzes. So, life comes to a standstill often. Nevertheless, Genazino is dedicated with rare accuracy over and over again the most ordinary life activities: eating, Sleeping, having sex, the walking, the buying of clothes, the cinema visit. The Obsession with which he pursues them, is, for him, almost saying.