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The matador de toros Juan Jose Garcia Corral died this morning, at 68 years of age, in the Clinical Hospital of Salamanca, as a result of a severe and rapid disease, as has been confirmed by the blog internet Gazebo Digital.

John Joseph, as advertised on the posters, it was in the late 60’s and early 70’s of the last century, one of the most serious contenders to join the trio more relevant that it has given the torería of salamanca, composed by E l Viti, Child of the Capes and Julio Robles.

But a traffic accident in which he lost vision of the left eye and slowed down, which was until that time an upward trajectory in the arenas, always based on the concept of bullfighting typically Spanish simple, pure and classic.

Juan Jose Garcia Corral was born on the 22nd of June 1952 in the town of salamanca of The Source of San Esteban, the epicenter of the so-called Campo Charro, where it is concentrated a good number of farms and where they have emerged and lived dozens of professional bullfighting.

Mate’s desk already also disappeared Julio Robles, debuted as becerrista with only 15 years and only a few months later, on January 14, 1968, toreó his first celebration with picks in Ondara (Alicante), empowered by the prestigious bullfighting toledo Manolo Lozano .

That same year, John starred in the unusual case of passing in just a few months of becerrista to matador de toros, then, after a few fifty calves , took the alternative, with a certain rainfall, the next 11 of August in Manzanares (Ciudad Real), from the hands of Andrés Hernando and with the testimony of Gabriel in the House.

The new matador in salamanca he was barely more then 16 years of age, in that it was one of the doctorates early in the history of the tournament, only surpassed many years later by The Juli , who received it with 15 years and eleven months at the French plaza, near Nimes.

he Still had time that year to Juan Jose to add more than forty bullfights in France and Spain, which helped him to get shot to your confirmation alternative in The Sales, dated may 17, 1969, this time from the hands of his admired Santiago Martín “El Viti” and with his friend Paquirri as a witness.

Days later, the bullfighter charro came out on the shoulders of the plaza of Madrid, highlighting a career that had only as hampering their inequality in the fate supreme, and that was definitely braking in 1971, when he suffered such a traffic accident to the height of the centre of Aranda de Duero (Burgos), back from a bullfight in Pamplona.

as A result of the salmantino lost the vision of the left eye and, although it reappeared only forty days later in the plaza of la rioja in Haro, was losing presence, not force, on the posters, because they remained in active toreando a few runs but always leaving details of his quality, especially on the cumshots of the feria of Salamanca , where he continued to succeed along with the figures.

After retiring from the arenas on may 14, 1989, precisely on the opening of the bullring in his native town, John Joseph dedicated himself exclusively to his new facet of director of the School of Bullfighting of Salamanca, where he helped to spark a good number of new values of such quarry torería of the province of which he was one of its best representatives.