A hand-written note to a flight attendant on a sixteen-year-old passenger is handed over, it goes viral. The little girl is deaf, and so the safety precautions are not followed. However, there had been a flight attendant, Janna thought.

It was the girl’s mother, who’s a flight attendant, through social media and wanted to express my thanks. Her daughter Ahsley was flying alone from Washington to the International Airport to john f. Kennedy International Airport, but it is to be deaf. The security of the crew, at the beginning of the flight is to communicate, so she could not hear them.

now, Therefore, handed a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines, the girl in a hand-written note with everything she needed to know before the flight. With among other things, an explanation of all the buttons at the top of her head, and it is the fastest way to get to the exit. “My daughter was flying alone. Delta was great!”

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