you can start your day on Tuesday mostly cloudy, but the north of the opklaringen ever-expanding. In Flanders, there is finally sunny weather in the southern part of the country previously and partly cloudy. The ceilings are around 7 to 12 degrees. That report, the royal meteorological institute.

The weather forecast for the week. Photo: RMI

Tuesday night, and night is quiet, dry and cloudy to partly cloudy. It cools down significantly, which, in the Ardennes region, locally moderate freezing temperatures, and elsewhere the minimum is between 0 and 3 degrees. In the second part of the day, it can be in a Low-austria, Belgium, mist, haze, or low clouds to form.

Wednesday in the morning, the temperature in the center of the country, around the freezing point. In the daytime, it is bright and sunny with a few high-wolkensluiers in the west. The maxima are located at about 11 degrees and in the Low – and Mid-Belgium. Thursday will remain dry with plenty of sunshine. in the Morning it is again cold, with temperatures around or just below the freezing point. The ceilings are between 7 and 11 degrees celsius.

you can be An active fault, pulls Friday , from west to east across the country. It will remain cloudy with periods of light rain and snow. In the afternoon, it is going to make it harder to rain. In the central and western part of the country, it is up to a 12-or 13-degree angle.

Saturday is the variable to remain cloudy with periods of rain or showers. With the mercury rising to as much as 15 degrees celsius in the centre of town.

to create A new regenzone pull Sunday , from west to east across the country, to be followed by rain showers. The highs will be around 13 ° in the Low – and Mid-Belgium.