The birth of a child is always a special moment in time, but for One Brown-and-Cametrione Moore-Brown was the birth of their daughter, and an extra symbolic dimension as well. “We have heard the cries of joy as everyone realized what was going on.”

“small wonder.” So-called Cametrione Moore-Brown, and her new-born daughter. Now, the U.s. is far from being the only new mother that her baby is so called, but Cametrione has the right to speak. Daughter, Mary, was born at 09.11 hours on the 11th of september. Oh, by the way, she was also 9 of the pound and 11 ounce (or approximately 4,4 kg).

now As all over the United States celebrate the eighteenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, was Stopped by an emergency c-section she was born in the Methodist LeBonheur Hospital in Germantown, Tenn.

Photo: united Methodist Healthcare < / P> “a Bit of joy to a tragic day,”

It was then that the doctors have the little girl examined that the participants came to realize how amazing the birth was. “The doctor and the doctor announced that the time that She was born at 09.11 hours, it was,” says dad, Justin Brown. “That’s when they have the weight of 9 of the pound and 11 ounce revealed, we were told by everyone’s shouts of joy.”

“It was a very, very special. All the more so because you have a little bit of the joy that can be found on such a tragic day,” said Justin, still. “It’s a new life, in the midst of all the devastation,” added mom Cametrione all the time.

“and A memorable appearance in the world,” he writes in the hospital on Facebook. According to Rachel Laughlin, lead by the midwife, it is such a coincidence, at the time of birth is very unlikely to happen. “I’ve been doing this for over 35 years and I’ve never experienced it, that is the date of birth, time and weight are the same thing.”