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it Was too pretty to be real. Everything was going too well. Now you will understand many why Javier Thebes compressed the League in forty days. Because he had not that to give time for the coronavirus. Everything was so perfect. The compliments to the president of the League took place.

ten days Ago, we had prepared an act for Wednesday, 22nd of July, three dates after the end of the League, to congratulate you all for the good of this return of professional sport. At that appointment they were going to be the Superior Council of Sports, the Spanish Football Federation and the Professional League to highlight the effectiveness of an entire process that included the Endesa League of basketball and to the World of Motorcycling, now same wheel at the Jerez circuit. Everything came to a halt when cases of the coronavirus Fuenlabrada made that the dream to burst into the harsh reality.

According to the CSD, the decision to play the day, except in Riazor, it was league and ETF. Tebas says that the CSD approved also

The attack of the Superior Council of Sports, Javier Thebes, for allowing the expedition’s Fuenlabrada travel to la Coruña to try to play your game with the Sport, has fueled the veda open against the leader of the employers ‘ association, that already bore the harassment of the many enemies she has. The harsh response from the League, accusing it directly to “the president of the CSD” to confuse, to generate doubts and to give a feeling of lack of control and rigor in the League, took off as the masks of all and unveiled a war that is not just sport, which is politics. Thebes has an ideology that is opposite to that of Irene Lozano and the Government. One day I had to explode and have used this controversy to open a gap that was stitched with pins in the Covenant of Viana.

it Is a political war

pacific Rubiales, the more close to the Government, the more quiet the battle between the high Council and the League until the Covid-19 has also called on her door in the “play off” for promotion to the Second Division B, with a few cases that give the site in square to the son of Javier Tebas, who complained on Friday that in the football controlled by the Federation, they would not be controls essential. Is done or not, the only truth is that the revival of the outbreaks of the pandemic has affected Thebes, and Rubiales. Perhaps it is a divine punishment so that no one take chest in this war. The CSD wants to be like Pilate and says that the decision to play all of the encounters of Second least one, with what it meant to the fact, they took the League and the Federation. I knew that the sticks would go for Thebes.

In full anger at the attack from the political power, The League meditate tell the CSD that is to be in charge of all the protocol and assume the responsibility that now criticizes

The League of Professional ensures, however, that the Higher Council also approved that decision. Are facts that show where each one, in the Antipodes. Are data confirming that there was a war latent and that she would go intentionally on something were to happen. It has happened and it has fueled the fire.

The performance of the Prosecutor’s office adds to the battle bloodless, policy, which will focus on Thebes. When you see the front that will prepare you, the president thought in your internal forum, for a few minutes, if it was worth making so much effort to the first problem that the tanks be able to shoot him.

such Is the dissent, the open war, which the League has left us a glimpse of the Superior Council of Sports next season, will begin on the 12th of September, will be in charge, and not the League, to control the pandemic in all teams, in all training, in all the parties, before and after, and in airports, on trains, in the coaches and in all the movements of fifty professionals from each club. To see how complicated it is to govern the whole of this system.

There’s a really patent. The Professional League was responsible for everything, and if there was a case of coronaviruses, as has happened, the shooting would go against it. In management it is said that the CSD has had the best position, which you never stain hands : see, judge, criticize and not be responsible for anything. They live very well, “without getting wet at all”, only prepared for “issue press releases critical of what others do, to express clearly, in addition, that they are not responsible”. The war is clear. The leaders of the teams are sick and tired of always being singled out as guilty of what happens, while politicians are washing their hands.

Deportivo and Elche, on the attack

The decisions taken by the League, the Federation and the CSD to compete in the last day, except the meeting between the Sports and the Fuenlabrada, led to criticisms of Thebes on the part of the club gallego and Elche, affected indirectly in the struggle for the promotion of the ascent.

the position of The Sport refuse to play now that last game, since dropped, that would imply regulation that the Fuenlabrada to win without playing and would theoretically be in the “playoff” promotion, so that would leave the Elche without being able to fight by going up to the First. is club elche has requested, therefore, that the Fuenlabrada miss the party in the offices, for “negligence” in the internal treatment of coronavirus, when traveling to La Coruna when you should not.

The advice, the letter to the League

The presence of the son of Thebes on the board of directors of Fuenlabrada and the advice of the law office of Javier Thebes to the madrid team two years ago, when working in Second B, have been added to suspicion for part of Deportivo and Elche, which accumulate with the office of the Prosecutor and the political harassment to put Thebes in the target of that suspicion. The leader of the club pros has made it clear that a year ago, explained by letter to the 42 teams that he never would intervene in the affairs that are related to Fuenlabrada, because his son works in that company, but that truth does not stop the controversy.

these Are the darkest hours of the president of the employer from which he reached the position makes it seven years. step of the case to the Justice stood to Thebes on a new target, this time much larger, because it is the Government that has placed the target.

The clubs, tired of pay for play

In the middle of this battle in sports, judicial, and policy against Thebes, who three days ago was supported by an executive commission, which included the own Sports and the Elche, the club criticized the vision has them, and also encouraged the Government and the CSD. It has given the image that the professional teams are rich, when they suffer a huge crisis, like all companies. The presidents emphasize that they are always subject to blackmail.

The famous summit the Palace of Viana, gave via free the return of football is always that the League will pay money to the Federation led by Goldilocks and the Spanish sport in general. “Blackmail” is the word that expressing the leaders, fed up with having to meet conditions and pay for do what we must , that is to play.