After the breakage of a dam in the South of Brazil, a mudslide killed on Friday at least nine people. In addition, 150 people were missing, reported the newspaper “O Globo” on early Saturday morning, citing the government of the Brazilian Federal state of Minas Gerais. A total of around 430 people had lived in the area, of which 279 saved. It was feared that the number of victims could still rise significantly. Other reports from the scene, relying on the fire brigade of up to 300 Missing.

The brown mud masses that had rolled across parts of an iron ore mine and a residential area, were probably carried away to dozens of other people. Were destroyed and the roofs of houses, as well as excavators in the iron ore mine.

cause unclear

the President of The largest Brazilian mining group Vale, the iron ore mine, said of the 300 or so workers in the Mine only about 100 according to the dam break had been found. How it came exactly to the time of the accident, could not be explained, said Vale President Fábio Schvartsman.