The crisis between North and South Korea – air balloons lead to eskalatio of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has cut the lines in the South. And this is only the beginning.Thomas Hahn from Tokio0 comment is fighting against the flight leaves from the South: head of state, Kim Jong-un. Photo: Reuters

The lines between North Korea and South Korea are now dead. On Tuesday, the unification Ministry said in Seoul that it had tried all day in vain to reach the North Korean side. The Communist Regime has made, therefore, his announcement is true, the contact with the South not because the government is withholding there activists of balloons with regime-critical texts on the border are on the rise.

“The disgusting rabble,” reported North Korea’s Central news Agency, KCNA, had committed “hostile acts against North Korea, by it has taken advantage of the irresponsible attitude of the South Korean authorities.” Therefore, the Hotlines would be capped, you’ll get rid of stuff so “unnecessary”. In Seoul, you could find only faint the lines are “of fundamental importance and should be maintained in accordance with the Korean agreements to maintain”.

relations as bad as before the summit

It is not so long ago, North Korea seemed vulnerable and beat The pandemic of the ailing health care system threatened to overwhelm. To rumors of the condition of the head of state, Kim Jong-un came from, because not to see this week was long. Now Pyongyang has let a conflict escalate, the uncoiling last week, as Kim Yo-jong, Kim’s sister, and a propaganda officer, not scolded, that of the South, said activists will Lord. The relationship of the two Korea’s is back as bad as before the rich conversations between Kim and Moon in 2018.

Why does North Korea? The North is afraid of information from the outside, because of the state propaganda weaknesses. In 2018, North Korea is not allowed to write, therefore, that the South balloons with leaflets allow. But the activists don’t care. And this circumstance seems to use North Korea’s government is now to gather the people of the country in a pandemic and sustained economic depression behind the enemy image of South Korea. According to NK News, it launched a major propaganda campaign against South Korea in dealing with Defectors. And from the outside, it makes pressure. The Moon-the government asked the activists already last week, emphatically, to not let any balloons go, agreed with Pyongyang will not be merciful.

“This measure is only the first step.”

message from Pyongyang,

it is striking that in the matter of Kim Yo-jong is talking about. Their warnings of Thursday were hard. “Human scum” and “mongrel dogs” were called Defectors behind the balloon actions. She warned the South, North Korea will get out of joint projects, the liaison office and the reconciliation agreement, if nothing would change.

The command to end the communication, fell, according to the KCNA on Monday in a Meeting with Kim Jong-un, Kim Yo-jong and Kim Yong-chol, the Vice-Chairman of the Central Committee of the workers ‘ party. There is now more division of labor in North Korea’s top? Friendly to the Regime is not in any case. To phone a boycott of Pyongyang, said: “This measure is only the first step.”

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