The court in Madrid: tax sinners Ronaldo accepted million Deal


    The Portuguese football Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has come in his former adopted home of Spain, in the proceedings due to tax evasion, as expected, without prison. A court in Madrid has imposed against the former world footballer of Italy’s record Champions Juventus formally, a two-year prison sentence and transformed the judgment at the same time will result in a fine of around 360,000 euros. In addition, the former star striker of Champions League winners Real Madrid will have to pay a further penalty of € 3.2 million.

    The judge’s decision with the not surprising Judgments in four cases, this meant after a final personal interview with the 33-Year-old to the end of a year long process. Since last summer, Ronaldo had reached an agreement with prosecutors in return for a guilty plea to this sentence in order to avoid a higher sentence. In addition, the champion of Europe in 2018, had agreed to a further payment of 18.8 million euros to the Spanish authorities.

    the length of the prison sentence of exactly 23 months and 30 days, the conversion into a financial penalty was possible. In Spain, a first-time offender not to compete in cases without violence, prison sentences under two years of age. During his many years of Real commitment to Ronaldo, from 2011 to 2014, million revenue from image and advertising rights through a branched network of companies with offices in the British virgin Islands and Ireland to the Spanish authorities funneled.

    Ronaldo’s temporary return to Spain on Tuesday for a great sensation. After the court had rejected a request from the European champion at a video hearing in lieu of personal presence or, alternatively, to permit a driveway in the garage, had to get the sunglasses appeared, dressed in black, scorer in a strobe light thunderstorm together with his partner Georgina Rodriguez by a larger crowd of people into the building. “It’s dazzling to me,” he said. By his subsequent admission of guilt in all the four accused cases, Ronaldo fulfilled his Deal with the Spanish justice.

    The “the case of Cristiano Ronaldo” was one of the most spectacular proceedings for tax evasion through football professionals of Spanish Clubs. The Argentine super star Lionel Messivom FC Barcelona was sentenced in 2016 and 2017 due to tax fraud to a 21-month prison sentence and a fine of 2.09 million Euro. Also, Messi had to compete the sentence. Soon to start in Madrid in action against Bayern Munich’s former Spanish Star Xabi Alonso.